Bikram Yoga For Weight Loss?

by Jackie on July 13, 2017

If you want to burn calories through yoga, Bikram yoga is the best option for weight loss. This dynamic style of yoga is practiced in a heated room and involves a series of yoga postures that are always performed in the same sequence. The combination of the heat and the humidity, the dynamic sequence and the stretching and strength building postures means that you will work hard and sweat.

A Bikram class will help you to burn more fat and lose more calories than most other yoga classes.
The Bikram yoga sequence combines cardiovascular work with strengthening and toning postures, and the heat helps the muscles to stretch easily. If you practice regularly, over time Bikram classes will detox the body, tone the muscles and improve your flexibility and stamina. Your blood circulation and your lymphatic system will also get a boost.

If you are looking for a yoga class that will get the heart rate up and make you sweat, Bikram is the answer. However, hot yoga is not recommended for those who have a heart condition, or who are very unfit.



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