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by Jackie on April 11, 2014

How many calories do you burn per hour doing various activities? Since 3500 calories equal one pound of fat, you need to burn 3500 more calories than you take in to lose one pound. Many people do regular exercise to burn calories, but you don’t have to change into shorts and running shoes to torch a few extra calories. Your body constantly burns calories as you perform everyday activities.


Day-to-Day Activities


As you navigate through everyday life, you might be too preoccupied to think about the calories you burn. Your body never stops burning calories, and the rate increases as you perform certain tasks. Harvard Health Publications notes that during a 30-minute span, a 155-pound person burns 23 calories sleeping, 28 calories watching TV, 42 calories sitting and 93 calories cooking.


How Many Calories Do You Burn Doing Everyday Activities?


To maintain your weight the calculation is simple: burn the same amount of calories through activity that you take in from food. Likewise, to lose weight, you must burn more calories than you take in from food. Healthy weight loss equals one to two pounds per week. This means that you either need to reduce your calorie intake by 500-1000 calories/day, burn 500-1000 extra calories a day, or a combination of both. It’s actually not that difficult either when you think about how many calories we burn through everyday activities. You’d be surprised how the calories add up!


Calorie burning chart


The following calorie burning chart shows some different activities and how many calories you burn while doing them. (Note that this table gives estimates for a 155 pound person. The actual number of calories you burn may be slightly higher or lower, depending on your body composition and activity level).


Activity / Calories Burned per Hour


Sleeping 46

Watching TV 56

Doing light household chores 95

Sitting at computer 102

Standing in line 100

Playing with your dog 115

Playing with kids (not rigorous) 120

Driving 120

Shopping 135

Eating 140

Bowling 145

Cooking 186

Dancing (slow/waltz/foxtrot) 224

Lifting weights (light) 224

Household chores 225

Walking 230

Golfing (riding in cart) 260

Softball 260

Skateboarding 275

Gardening 300

Stretching 300

Light yoga 300

Lifting weights (vigorous) 446

Downhill skiing 315

Mowing the lawn 410

Golfing (walking w/ bag) 410

Volleyball 340

Baseball 365

Walking (4.5 mph) 372

Power walking 400

Dancing (disco/ballroom/square) 410

Hiking 440

Shoveling snow 446

Water skiing 446

Cross country skiing 500

Playing basketball 510

Tennis 520

Swimming 520

Scuba diving 520

Step aerobics (light impact) 520

Soccer 520

Biking (fast pace) 530

Circuit weight training 540

Football 600

Cross country skiing 600

Rocking climbing 600

Hockey 600

Stair climber 600

Running (5 mph) 600

Rowing 632

Elliptical machine 670

Boxing 670

Water aerobics 720

Racquetball 740

Step aerobics (heavy impact) 744

Spinning 782

Jumping rope 900

Running (7.5 mph) 940

Bicycling (> 20 mph) 1220



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