Burn Off Extra Fat From Your Body By Consuming A Zero Calorie Diet

by Gabriella Patel on July 29, 2012

The energy that is required by your body to perform numerous activities comes from the food you consume. Carbohydrate rich foods such as pasta, sugar and breads are in the category of high calorie foods.

Today, some weight conscious people resort to some extreme measures such as starving in order to lose weight. However, starving often leads to serious ailments and will not help you to lose weight easily. If you consume a 0 calorie diet to shed your pounds, you will reach your goal weight easily. A 0 calorie diet is comprised of low calorie foods that can provide you with the same amount of energy as high calorie ones. However, the foods that fall in this category are healthier and easily digested by the body.

The body takes more energy to burn negative calorie foods even though they are low in calories. The key to losing weight lies in consuming foods that help you to feel satiated without adding up your calories. By choosing 0 calorie foods, you can shed your excessive pounds easily and naturally, without having to go in for complicated diet plans or supplements.

Zero calorie foods list

You need not rely on vegetables alone to shed weight under this diet pattern. You can choose from a number of zero calorie food items such as low calorie pastas, dairy products and meats that are easily available in the market.

As for 0 calorie snacks, a handful of natural or organic nuts constitute the most filling and tasty snacks you can consume while on a zero calorie foods diet.

Other items that find a place in the zero calorie food list include:

Oats are an apt weight loss food since there are only 110 calories in a cup of oat bran or oat meal. By adding just 100 grams of oats to your daily food intake every day, you can lose up to three pounds of your fat in 56 days.

The low calorie content, flavor and myriad of health benefits makes broccoli one of the most popular vegetable choices among people looking to lose weight. Broccoli is filled with potassium, folic acid, fiber and vitamin C, making it a great health food.

To get your daily doses of protein from a zero calorie or low calorie diet, you should consume low fat foods, such as low fat milk, Parmesan cheese, chicken breast, tuna, egg whites and more.

Just like 0 calorie vegetables, there are so many zero calorie fruit choices out there. Melon is a good example of a low calorie fruit. This fruit is rich in vitamins A and C, fiber as well as potassium. However, you should take care not to replace such fruits with juices since the latter is higher in sugar and lacks any fiber content. This makes them high in calories.

Other foods to add to your low calorie diet are whole wheat pasta and brown rice. These foods should be used to substitute items such as white rice, white bread and other processed foods. These foods can provide you with a host of nutritional benefits and can relieve you of hunger pangs for a longer span of time.

Water is the only 100% zero calorie food and is a great addition to any type of diet. By drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water every day, you can easily avoid cravings and keep off excessive weight easily.

Some other low calorie foods in the meat and protein category are lean ham, low fat hot-dogs and tofu vegetable sausage sandwiches and they are some excellent choices.

Choosing 0 calorie diet foods such as those mentioned above can help you to burn off the excessive fat in your body while giving you a lot of energy to carry on with your everyday activities without missing a beat. Zero calorie pasta and miracle noodles are also widely preferred by people who want to lose weight by following the zero calorie diet method of weight loss.

Benefits of eating zero calorie food

You can enjoy several advantages by including zero calorie foods as part of your weight loss program:

Zero calorie foods such as weight loss noodles and pasta have no calorific value and can help in shedding those extra pounds with minimal effort.

The aforesaid new food recipes are soy free as well as gluten free.

Zero calorie foods as mentioned in the food list above are filled with fiber, can slow the digestive process and help in better absorption of glucose and thus help in controlling health conditions such as diabetes.

These foods are healthy substitutes for traditional carb rich foods.

Since these foods are rich in fiber content, they can help in reducing the cholesterol levels in the body by aiding its faster absorption.

Apart from the above benefits, these foods are easy to prepare and consume.

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