Can You Lose Weight With Bikram Yoga?

by Wendy on November 3, 2017

If you are considering yoga for weight loss, Bikram yoga is usually the first yoga style that comes to mind. Bikram is the original hot yoga and it combines stretching with a cardiovascular workout and toning exercises. It is done in a heated, humid room and involves a sequence of postures that are always performed in the same order.

A Bikram class is guaranteed to make you sweat. The exercises raise the heart rate, boost metabolism and encourage the body to burn more calories. Bikram yoga also comes with other health benefits: it stimulates circulation, the sweat removes toxins from the body, and the heat increases flexibility and makes it easier to try even challenging yoga postures. A hot yoga class is an intense workout, and if you are hoping for weight loss it is a good idea to add a class to your weekly exercise routine.

Bikram and hot yoga classes are suitable for most people, including beginners, as long as you do not have any serious health conditions. Hot yoga classes are not recommended for people who have heart problems.



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