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With temperatures rising it is important to know exactly how heat and humidity affect the body! Knowing and understanding this will help protect you and keep you safe!

Summer can be either dry or humid…or both…depending on where you live.  Either way, heat can negatively affect how the body functions if proper precautions aren’t taken.  Add humidity to the heat and the potential for dangerous results multiplies. Knowing how heat and humidity affect the body is critical to keeping you safe! 

Hot weather can obviously make you hot…that’s a given…but heat is also generated by the body when it’s active.  Three-Fourths of the energy we convert from physical activity turns into heat, only one-fourth into motion. When the body is active it usually generates more heat than it needs and has to release it somehow…this is when sweating occurs.  The body draws water from the bloodstream to make sweat that carries heat through pores and onto the skin surface where it evaporates and releases the heat…cooling the body. Staying hydrated is how this process works properly, cools you down, and keeps you safe when overheated.  

With temperatures rising it is important to know exactly how heat and humidity affect the body! Knowing and understanding this will help protect you and keep you safe!

Humidity is when there is an excessive amount of moisture in the air that prevents proper evaporation of sweat and keeps your body temperature high.  Once the air has too much moisture relative to the sweat you’re producing the sweat can’t evaporate and you remain too hot…along with being sticky. This is a dangerous situation that keeps your core temperature too hot and can lead to heat exhaustion.  You also lose water, salt, and electrolytes that the body needs to function.

So how can you combat heat and especially humidity so you aren’t suffering from the ill effects?  There are a few key things you can do if you notice you’re feeling overheated, fatigued, have a headache, increased pulse, and you can’t cool down:

  1. Seek shade and a cooler environment in extreme heat or overexertion  
  2. Go into a humidity controlled room (or one that’s cooled via central air) if humidity is leaving you feeling sticky and you can’t cool down
  3. ALWAYS drink plenty of water to stay properly hydrated (avoid alcohol and sugary juices)
  4. Use fans, cooling towels, wraps, clothing, etc. to maintain a proper core temperature
  5. Eat cool foods (cucumbers, watermelon, apples, etc.) and avoid warm or hot fare; eat vegetarian to avoid the energy expenditure that protein metabolism causes


Sometimes it’s not so easy to avoid overheating, but with a little bit of knowledge maybe you can avoid suffering when it does happen.  Always stay hydrated as the first line of defense against problems and plan ahead as much as possible to enjoy the warmer weather without issue.



If you are eager to drop some pounds but cannot find the time or money for a gym, consider the yard work calories that you could burn off. You do not have to join a gym, pay fees and rearrange your schedule in order to lose weight. Weight loss opportunities are all around you, especially if you have your own yard or land. The best thing about working off calories in the yard is that you actually accomplish something while you shed the weight instead of staring at a lot of other people on stationary bikes at a gym.

Using yard work calories to lose weight is a fantastic and worthwhile way to help shape up, not only can you shed pounds but you will also be accomplishing the task of beautifying your yard!

Why Yard Work?

You could lose weight on your own time in many ways. You could easily find an exercise regimen on the Internet and follow it in the privacy of your own home. However, it takes a lot of discipline to follow these guidelines and it may require time that you do not have. Let’s face it, everybody is busy these days. If you still have a yard in which to work, you may be doing a lot of overtime or keeping up with two or three jobs. Fitting in some time at the gym can be hard to justify, no matter how important your weight problem is to you.

Yard work, however, is inevitable. You have to fit it into your schedule. You can really kill two birds with one stone here because both yard work and exercise are not very exciting tasks for most people. However, most people also understand their necessity. This should give you more enthusiasm for your yard work and your exercise. Instead of eagerly awaiting to get the minimum done before you return to the shade or the air conditioning of your home, you can take satisfaction as you put in the extra time to really accomplish some serious projects outdoors while you simultaneously drop some weight.

How Can I Calculate Yard Work Calories Burned?

One nice thing about going to the gym is that they have a lot of instruments and charts that can explain to you just how many calories you burn with each allotment of time in an exercise or with each pound of resistance. Thanks to the Internet, however, you can get some of the same information using pages derived from a yard work calories calculator. The number of calories burned at each activity depends on the amount of time that you put in and how much you weigh. The figures in the examples that follow are rough but usable.

Yard Work Calories – at 125 Pounds

If you begin this weight loss stratagem at 125 pounds, you will need to spend an hour raking leaves or planting shrubs to burn off about 240 calories. Mowing the lawn and pulling weeds will each burn around 30 more calories than that. Naturally, as you increase the strength required, you increase the number of calories burned. Digging will eat up about 300 calories per hour and chopping wood burns more than 350 calories in the same time period.

Yard Work Calories – at 155 Pounds

Since you are carrying more weight around, the same activities will burn more calories in return for the same intensity. This is one of the few times that extra weight pays off! Raking those leaves will now burn nearly 300 calories in just one hour. Mowing the lawn will use more than 330 calories at this weight and digging now burns more than 370. As a 155-pounder, you will use up 446 calories per hour while chopping wood.

Yard Work Calories – at 185 Pounds

Now raking leaves burns more than 350 calories per hour, mowing burns 400 and digging nearly 450. Chopping wood for an hour at this weight will require more than 530 calories.

How Do I Get Started?

A lot of people are unenthusiastic about yard work and simply go at it willy-nilly for a while before quitting. You should strategize about how many yard work calories per hour you want to burn. You can base your landscaping activities around how many calories you need or want to lose that day. This should help you complete plans for your yard while you shape your body.

Be Careful

It is easy to get a little too enthusiastic about shedding pounds and beautifying the scenery around your home. It is most likely that the sun will be out when you do this work and you will sweat a lot. Apply sunblock generously and drink lots of water while you work. Staying hydrated is important to help your body adjust to exercise properly and also to keep you from dehydrating out in that sun. Watch out for regional pests, such as snakes and insects that could cut short your workout with a nasty bite or sting.



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