Controlling Our “Portion Distortion”

by Rachelle on October 9, 2014

Portion sizes have been increasing each decade of society. It wasn’t long ago that the normal size for a soda was a modest 12 ounces, food was portioned smaller at restaurants, and all-you-can-eat buffets weren’t as popular as they are today. There are a few things you can do to counter this “portion distortion” that we as a society are currently experiencing, some that you can use to your own benefit:

Eat only half of your plate

You can cut the calories of your favorite foods by 50% without changing anything about them — just eat half of the food you are given. For example, if you usually eat a deli sandwich at lunch, eat half it, but replace your chips with carrot sticks. Still hungry? Before you reach for the rest of your sandwich, munch on a piece of fruit. Produce takes longer to eat and digest than other foods, which means you’ll have more time to notice you’re getting full. Plus, the added fiber in both the carrots and fruit will help you feel more satisfied, for much longer, than chips would have.

When you are dining at a restaurant, ask the waiter for a take-out container as soon as they take your order. Put half of your meal in the box as soon as it arrives. Relax, and try to eat slowly to enjoy the conversation and the restaurant’s ambiance. Remember, it takes about 20 minutes to start to feel full, so eating at a slower pace will prevent you from overeating. You can always take some of the food back out of the carton at the restaurant if you’re still hungry, but chances are you won’t want to.


Find out if lunch portions are served

If you are not one to heat up leftovers, find out if your eatery offers lunch-sized portions of their dishes. These are almost always significantly smaller than full-sized dinner entrees, so don’t be afraid to ask if you can purchase the lunch entree at dinner time.


Portion out servings

Just how many of those chips are in a serving? Check the nutrition label to find out — you may be surprised at how small an actual serving looks compared to what you usually eat. Learn what a serving is of your favorite snacks; start by measuring them out the next few times you eat them. Once you get into the habit of seeing how much a serving really looks like, you’ll eventually be able to “eyeball” servings and know how much is too much.


Resist upsizing your meal

As we all know, fast food portions are already oversized, so there’s no need to add insult to injury by upgrading your meal. No matter how much of a “better deal” it may seem, don’t be tempted. You’re much better off ordering a grilled chicken sandwich, or even a regular hamburger (hold the mayo), along with a side salad, than ordering a combo that comes with a huge soda, too.


Good portions come in small packages

If you find your will power is overpowered by a full bag of potato chips sitting in the pantry, don’t buy the large bags. Get the individual lunch-sized bags one at a time.

If you’re budget-minded, buy the full-size bag and separate out the chips into single serving zipper bags as soon as you get them home; you will still be much more likely to keep yourself in check than if you were eating from the bag.




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