Cooking Without Preservatives Is Easy

by John on September 12, 2012

In this current day and age where fast food is the norm, is it ever possible for anyone to start cooking without preservatives? Purchasing processed foods is actually a lot easier compared to preparing healthy food recipes. It is a fact that processed food items is the best option for busy and harried families. However, a consistent diet of fast food products carries with it unhealthy results. Compare the effects of eating food without preservatives and consuming standard ready-to-eat meals. Be aware that cooking without processed foods helps your body have the energy it needs to be active and strong. It also prevents illnesses such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

Do not forget that numerous pre-packaged food items contain preservatives. Manufacturers add these in order to enhance a food’s flavor. It also helps extend a food product’s shelf life. A lot of people experience numerous negative effects of eating too much preservatives a few of which include the following: allergies, skin conditions and attention deficit disorder. Once you start eating fresh and real food, you are able to manage, if not halt, the amount of preservatives your body consumes.

What are preservatives?

Preservatives are those found in food which helps slow down their decay and similarly halts the growth of bacteria or mold. There are two kinds of preservatives: natural and artificial. Artificial food preservatives include BHA or butylated hydroxyansiole which is commonly present in oils and fats. Saccharin is also a preservative and is usually present in juice drinks. BHA has been seen to cause tumors and is also linked to cancer. Meanwhile, natural food preservatives include vinegar, salt and sugar.

Home cooking is therefore the key. Once you start to cook at home, you get to have more control on what you eat. It is also best to involve children in food preparation as this helps them know where their food comes from. Besides gaining the healthy benefits of cooking food without preservatives, cooking is also relaxing. When doing it with your friends or family, cooking is a lot more enjoyable. It is also economical.

Do not forget that processed foods consists of additives as well as dyes which are harmful to the body. In a study published in November 2009 on the British Journal of Psychiatry, University College of London researchers discovered that diets which are heavy in fats and preservatives increased the possibility of depression amongst civil workers involved in the study.

Similarly, it has been seen that food additives and food colorings caused behavioral problems as well as hyperactivity in children. In an earlier study made in 1959, it was seen that additives produced major allergic reactions in certain people.

The following are ways to achieve easy cooking without preservatives as well as how to avoid including food additives in your diet.

Read, read, read

Reading food labels helps you stay away from foods which consists of preservatives. As much as possible, avoid those which contain soy lecithin, ethoxylated diglycerides and carrageenan.

Buy fresh

Purchase foods which are fresh and are not packaged. For instance, create your own pasta sauce by utilizing fresh tomatoes and not those which come in cans. Also, use natural herbs and spices for flavor.

Make your own broth

If you can, do make your own organic chicken broth instead of purchasing a pre-packaged one as these usually contain seasonings and tons of sodium.

Fresh not frozen meat

Always purchase meat and poultry that is fresh and not frozen as the latter could contain preservatives specially if they are of the pre-breaded or seasoned variety.


When cooking vegetables, their flavor is enhanced if they are steamed and not boiled. Steam cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower which come from your local organic farmer’s market.

Another question which comes up is how do you know if a food item is indeed organic? Take note that it needs to follow these three stipulations. First, it must not be subjected to pesticides, insecticides, antibiotics or chemical substances in its production. Secondly, it needs to be produced through techniques which are sustainable and create minor environmental impact. Thirdly, they must not have any artificial additives or preservatives.

Due to the side effects of certain artificial preservatives, it is best to select foods which contain natural food preservatives. Remember though not simply because a preservative is natural does not mean it is automatically healthy. Though salt and sugar are natural preservatives, too much of it could cause diseases. Too much sugar in the body helps increase one’s risk of diabetes. Also, excess sodium and salt could raise one’s blood pressure and lead to an increased possibility of having cardiovascular disease.

All in all, cooking without preservatives is an excellent way to gain a healthy body. It is best if you could monitor your entire food intake. Ensure if the oils, fats and flavorings you consume are created in the absence of artificial preservatives. For instance, if you are curing meat, avoid placing too much salt. If you are baking pie using organic canned apples, know the quantity of sugar present inside the can prior to adding more sugar components.



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