Counting Calories Has Never Been Easier!

by Wendy on August 9, 2016

Ask anyone who has ever been on a diet and they will tell you the same thing: It wasn’t their finest hours. It’s perfectly okay to admit that dieting is hard.
Sunshine Vitamin DEven the mere phrase sends negative thoughts through the minds of those who murmur the expression, or announce their intentions for losing weight. The good news is, there are a number of ways to chip away at your weight, without feeling as if you’re being deprived of nourishment. Counting calories is a perfect way to not only consume fewer unhealthy foods, but also a great way to understand exactly what goes into the food you eat.

Because of the substantial problems the United States is enduring with obesity and health care costs, most restaurants, food suppliers and grocery outlets are supplying nutritional information on every label they apply to their products. If it cannot physically be found on a label or on a menu, calories, fat, sodium and carbohydrates—as well as any actual healthy components—for just about any food you could ever dream of, is available online. Counting calories has literally never been easier than it is now, thanks to all of the information available to the masses. Just a decade ago, partaking in a counting calories diet would have been taxing, and possibly even overwhelming. There would have been a lot of guesswork, and substantially mixed information to choose from when determining whether or not your favorite breakfast sandwich was really less than 200 calories. Here’s a hint: It probably wasn’t.

When you start counting calories to lose weight, you will do more for your health than just shed those unwanted pounds. You will begin living a healthier lifestyle, simply by making informed decisions about what you eat each day. One fun way to determine how counting calories will change your outlook on the food industry is to start keeping a food journal one week before you begin counting calories. This isn’t your opportunity to splurge on overly fatty foods, like so many people do before they begin a diet. Simply eat as you normally would, and jot down each morsel of food you ingest for seven whole days before the calorie counting begins.

When you are ready to start counting calories, keep your food journal handy and continue to write down everything you eat, every day, scribbling in the calorie count next to the item. Now is a good time to go back to the previous week and add the calorie counts next to the items that you ate prior to the actual counting process. This will give you a good idea of exactly how many calories you unknowingly consumed. A typical entry will look something like this:

Breakfast: Bacon, Egg & Cheese Sandwich: 420 Calories
Lunch: One Slice of Pepperoni Pizza: 298 Calories
Dinner: Beef & Noodles: 292 Calories
Total for One Day: 1010 Calories

Not bad, except that you haven’t accounted for any snacks, soft drinks, juices, second servings or condiments ingested throughout the day. It all adds up! And when you start counting calories, you are able to see the nutritional content of everything you consume, including the ranch dressing that you put on a once-healthy salad. Keeping track is a great educational tool, and with the number of resources available online, it is almost impossible to not find what you’re looking for when it comes to nutritional content. Use the tools that are available to you, and you will start to notice a difference in your eating habits almost immediately.

This application isn’t for everyone. Some people find it stressful or exhausting, and wonder how to lose weight without counting calories. Easy: Substitute obviously unhealthy choices for better options. Instead of a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast, opt for oatmeal, fruit or yogurt. Want to grab a soda at lunch? Bottled water is a better choice, and almost always available next to the Diet Coke. Common sense can prevail, especially when you are standing at the salad bar and are considering drowning all of your beautiful vegetables in salad dressing. Instead, grab ONE small container — if you simply cannot live without it — and add it sparingly to a bite here and there.

Making smart decisions will get you everywhere in the world of weight loss. So what are you waiting for? Log on to your favorite browser and start looking up the calorie counts of some of your favorite foods. It will help you determine what you can, and cannot live without eating going forward! Good luck!



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