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by Wendy on August 19, 2012

Utilizing delivery diet meals as part of a weight loss plan can be extremely effective. Most delivery diet programs ship a month’s worth of pre-packaged foods straight to your door. The delivery diet programs tend to supply shelf stable food, which does not require refrigeration or freezing. Patrons will receive breakfasts, lunches, dinners and one snack. Instructions often suggest adding a certain number of fruits and vegetables in addition to delivery diet meals each day.

The Meals

The delivery weight loss meals are most often designed to be heated in a microwave or heated through boiling water. Since each meal has been carefully portioned controlled and calories calculated, it is easier for some people to lose weight on these kinds of plans. For those who have a hard time counting calories and weighing food, delivery weight loss meals are an excellent choice. Most companies that offer delivery diets such as Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig, have a wide variety of options to choose from, including vegetarian and diabetic choices. Breakfasts usually consist of a scone, muffin or egg-based entree. Lunch’s ranges from hot meals to fixings to assemble a sandwich, dinners are hot entrees, and users are usually advised to add one to two cups of salad with dinner. A snack could be a granola bar, protein bar or diet cookie or dessert. Ultimately, these foods add up to about 1,200 calories a day. Eating about 1,200 calories each day, when combined with 30 to 60 minutes of exercise should produce an average weight loss of 2.5 pounds per week.


Delivery diet programs take the error out of a traditional diet. The biggest mistake people make on a diet is incorrectly weighing food or guessing portion sizes, which throw off their overall calorie count. Most people tend to forget to add calories from liquids such as juice and soda, which can be very caloric. Delivery diets advise people not to consume soda or juice while on the plan. Having each meal correctly portioned takes the headache out of dieting. One eats their four assigned meals a day with any suggested add-ons, and they are done eating for the day. For dieters that are looking for a simple solution, delivery weight loss programs are a breeze.


Because these meals come in appropriate portion sizes and one is not required to weigh food or create calories, it can be easy to gain weight back when you return to eating normal food. Maintenance is an important part of a delivery diet program. Most companies suggest eating one or more meals a day on the program, even when you have reached your ideal weight. As these programs are not inexpensive, this long term expense can be a deterrent for some people.


Exercise is an important part of any diet, and that is no exception on a delivery diet program. Doctors recommend dieters should attempt to get 30 to 60 minutes of aerobic exercise each day. Biking, walking and the elliptical trainer all fit aerobic exercise requirements. In addition, weight-based exercises that help tone muscles and create a lean frame are also suggested. Pilates, yoga, weight lifting and ballet-based workouts are excellent choices to tone trouble spots.
Fresh Food Options

For dieters who are not enthralled about consuming non-refrigerated packaged foods, several diet delivery companies offer a fresh food option. EDiets and The Zone are two nationally recognized vendors. These meals are delivered to your front door each day by a delivery provider. The meals are prepared in a professional kitchen by a chef, and require you to reheat before eating. The same system is present here as far as getting breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack. Programs that offer a fresh food option tend to be more expensive than programs using packaged meals.


The cost of diets that deliver food to your door is not as expensive as many may think. Since you will be buying very little groceries, it does not take a huge bite out of the monthly food bill. On average, delivery diets cost between 200 to 300 dollars per month. Because of the lifelong health benefits of lowering body weight, it is a good investment in your personal health. Generally, companies will offer a discount if you sign on for auto-delivery over an extended amount of time, which is a good option for people who will be staying on the diet for longer than just one month.

Whichever delivery diet plans you check out for weight loss, following the directions is the key for successful and sustained weight loss. These diets have been prepped so that you lose the maximum amount of weight that is healthy each week. As with any diet, following it to the letter will allow you to reach the weekly maximum. Slips and binges will be reflected each week in overall weight loss.



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