Diet For Weight Training: Know Your Protein

by Jackie on December 24, 2012

Weight training is an excellent form of physical activity that strengthens your muscles and bones. Both men and women can greatly benefit from it. In order to strengthen your body, you need to provide it with the right fuel. Having a specialized diet for weight training is essential.

Muscle is built by first breaking it down. This is what happens when you lift weights. It is that burning sensation you feel once you get part way into your repetitions. Once they recover, the muscle is denser and stronger than before. If you are looking to bulk up your muscle, it is best to have fewer repetitions with more weight. However, the opposite is true if you want to tone your muscles. If this is the case, you need more repetitions with less weight. Both intense workouts like metabolic weight training and standard weightlifting absolutely require a balanced diet plan.

It does not matter what your goal is, if weight training is part of your exercise routine then your diet must reflect that. Your muscles need nourishment in order to recover. Without it, you may stop seeing results. This can be very discouraging, but it can be avoided with a proper diet. The best diet weight training regimen contains plenty of protein. There are different types of protein that can help your muscles in unique ways.

Whey protein is derived from milk and it is absorbed quickly into your body. It is best to consume whey protein within half an hour after your workout. Whey protein can come in the form of a powder you mix yourself, a shake, or a bar.

Casein protein also comes from milk. This form of protein is more slowly absorbed by your body. However, it still nourishes muscles and promotes recovery. Casein is most commonly found in powdered form that you mix yourself. You can have a shake right before you go to bed.

Finally, there is soy protein. Soy comes from plants, so it is the best choice for vegetarians or vegans. Again, the protein source will help your muscles develop and heal from a tough weight training workout.

Aside from protein supplements like powders and shakes, a balanced diet is also important. If your weight training programs burn a high number of calories, eating more frequently throughout the day can help. Keep the meals balanced with plenty of fruits, vegetables, complex carbohydrates, and lean protein sources. This method will boost your metabolism while preventing you from feeling constantly hungry. Try eating up to six smaller meals a day.

Having a diet for weight training is very useful. It can help you get the most out of your workout. Keep in mind that traditional weight lifting is not the only activity that burns muscle. Any type of resistance work will do the same thing. Yoga is one example. You are still burning muscle by using your own body weight in many of the poses. Hitting a punching bag is also resistant training, since you are pushing against a weighted object. Therefore, even if you are not doing a traditional weight training workout, you still may need to adjust your eating patterns.

Weight training is a great way to lose fat and stay healthy. It is also one of those workouts that when done properly, you see the results rather quickly. It has plenty of applications in daily life as well. Being stronger means being able to carry a car load of groceries without a problem. You can scoop up your kids and play with them. You can also look in the mirror and feel proud of your accomplishments.

A diet for weight training is essential. It will help you progress and nourish your body. Feed your muscles right to get the best results out of your weight training programs!



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