Do All Appetite Suppressants Really Work?

by Rachelle on May 19, 2017

One of the most common reasons that diets fail is that it is difficult to stick to your good intentions when you feel hungry or are craving certain foods. Appetite suppressants are supplements or drugs that can block the feelings of hunger and help you to resist food cravings. But are all supplements effective and how do they really work?

Some appetite suppressants are available over the counter, and some are only available by a doctor’s prescription. These medical drugs usually work by changing your body’s hormone balance and by interrupting the signals from your brain that tell you when you are hungry and need to eat.

There are also natural products that promise to suppress appetite and they usually use a different mechanism. Most of these natural supplements contain fiber that binds fat from the food you eat and that will stay in your stomach for a while, making you feel full and discouraging you from eating more. Natural products are not necessarily as effective as prescription medicines, but generally, they are more gentle and do not cause as many side effects.



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