Do You Really Want To Loose Weight Quickly?

by Wendy on July 24, 2012

In some populations, being able to retain fat was a survival mechanism and once was a sign of prosperity. In lean times, the people who had the slow metabolism were the ones that stood a good chance of surviving. Unfortunately in our current lives, this quality of retaining calories does not help us achieve social prestige. We resort to a type of diet lose weight quickly that does not address our most basic needs of nutrition.

Even those of us with a predisposition to weight gain can maintain a healthy weight. Not all of us will be tall and thin but we can be healthy, energetic and not suffer from the diseases coming from our food choices. A diet to lose weight quickly hinders any real health benefits from the weight loss. This kind of diet is usually a diet that has a fleeting success. Sadly, in time the fat manages to creep back. Most find that around a pound a week is a good steady weight loss. Aiming for this goal gives room to experiment with food and life style choices. Look for whole foods instead of the lack of healthy choices in a diet lose weight quickly.

Many a successful life style change started out slowly when it came to exercise. Just moving is far better than setting. People, who cannot walk well, because of their weight, can sit in a straight back chair and move their legs back and forth and stretch their arms. Gradually move forward to walking as far and as fast as is comfortable. At this point it is not necessary to race anyone but to continue moving. Small goals are very important on any weight loss program and it does not always work to pursue a diet to lose weight quick.

Something else to consider before doing a diet to lose quickly is how a person must severely restrict calories and it does not teach basic living techniques. Cutting back on food is important but that does not mean a person needs to be miserable. Learning new habits and what our bodies are really telling us is far more important than a starvation diet. For instance, most of us who are overweight do not know the simple difference between being thirsty and being hungry. We do not know how to provide ourselves with the energy we need to get through the afternoon without using sugar or caffeine.
Diets to lose weight quick do not address the nutritional needs that often drive our cravings. Substituting healthier choices for the sugar fixes can help shave off pounds with less effort than pursuing the goal of will power against hunger. Instead of coffee in the morning, try green tea. Green tea has proven to help with weight loss and it does not create the highs and lows in blood sugar. A lot of overweight people eat one big meal at night. This makes it really easy for the body to convert the food into fat because it cannot metabolize the food appropriately. Eat small meals throughout the day and experiment with different fruits and vegetables for snacks and meals. Drink water before picking up the diet or regular soda. If water is a little boring try adding a little lemon or unsweetened cranberry juice. Pursuing a diet lose weight quickly does not teach us how to live a sane and healthy life style.

There are supplements that can help address the issues of weight loss and make it go smoother. Be careful of anything that has a lot of caffeine in it, especially if it is not a natural form of caffeine like in green tea or kola nut. Caffeine does help with speeding up the metabolism but too much caffeine can also exhaust the adrenal glands and create an overall feeling of lethargy. Check into herbs like Coleus Forskohlii which works on the cellular level for energy and fat burning. Using fiber supplements can help with a feeling of fullness and also assist the intestinal system for better elimination. Look into a good multiple vitamin and mineral to help with energy levels. If stress eating is a problem then consider using an amino acid call L-theanine to help with relaxation. Then there is exercise, that simple thirty minute walk can really help with relaxation much easier than lose weight quick diets can.

Food was meant to be enjoyed and diets to lose weight quickly tend to make it difficult to enjoy one of life’s pleasures. Weight loss is a journey towards learning about what our unique needs are, both emotional and physical. When a decision is made to work on losing that flabby stomach realize that it is more about our everyday choices and real needs than it is about a diet to lose weight quick. Eating a basic, well balanced, great tasting food plan is far more effective than any lose weight quick diets.



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