Dress Up Your Wardrobe With A Maxi Skirt

by CB Blog Team on October 24, 2012

The long, languid Maxi skirt first graced the fashion scene back in the 1970’s. Women wanted a break from the popular mini-skirt and discovered that they could still feel sexy without showing their legs. But, as quickly as it arrived, the maxi skirt soon went back into hiding and it wasn’t until a few seasons ago that it has reappeared and it seems, unlike its first fashion debute, it is here to stay.

The Maxi Skirt is a great addition to any women’s wardrobe. The first and biggest reason it should be added to your closet is because it is extremely comfortable – making it easy to wear. Usually fashionable and comfortable are two words that can’t be used to describe the same item of clothing, as most comfortable clothing isn’t necessarily fashionable (a.k.a sweats). But the maxi skirt has changed that.

Maxi skirts are usually made from soft jersey, making it extremely soft. Because of it’s long length, it also carries with it a certain feeling of elegance. There is something about wearing a long skirt that makes me feel extremely fancy, even when I am wearing the skirt with a t-shirt. Maybe it is the illusion that the skirt creates, leaving people left to wonder what is underneath. Each season instead of disappearing the maxi skirt is getting more and more attention – with new designs and fun patterns. It is a great staple piece that you can wear from season to season; pairing it with dreamy sandals in the spring and summer and with a great pair of boots in the fall and winter.

And Ladies, if you are not convinced yet, the maxi skirt can do wonders for your body. ┬áNot only does it look great and feel more comfortable than a pair of sweats, it can give you the allusion of legs that go on for days. The long length of the skirt can help you look taller – adding the allusion of extra inches to your body. It creates one long line from your waist down to your feet, which helps you look taller. It also does a great job of hiding any problem areas you may have in the hip, thighs or legs, which is the reason I recommend all my clients have at least one hanging in their closet. It is a great alternative to a pair of jeans because it can easily be dressed up or down and go from day to night flawlessly.

When you buy your first maxi skirt, I recommend getting a jersey one. Jersey is a great material for a skirt because it hugs all the right places, creating a flattering look, while hiding your trouble areas. There are a lot of great prints and colors out there to choose from. You want to find a skirt that will fit your natural waist and flow nicely down from there. Make sure that it does not cling to your hips and thighs, especially if it is jersey – because it wil draw attention to that area – no matter how small that area may be. You want it to drape nicely from your waist, down to your feet – creating one clean, long line.

Because the skirt is loose and flowy, to keep your outfit and body in proportion you need to choose a top that is more fitted. I also recommend tucking in your top, when possible. You can add some feminine sophistication to the outfit by tying a blouse in a knot at the top of the skirt. This helps show off the curves of your body and stops them from getting lost amongst the draping. I also recommend wearing flat shoes with a maxi skirt. I feel like heels and wedges break up the long line of the skirt. Flats, sandals and riding boots are all great options to pair with your skirt.

1. Old Navy, Drawstring Slub-Jersey Maxi Skirt
2. Zara, Long Skirt With Pockets
3. ModCloth, Bookstore Belle Skirt
4. Asos, Maxi Skirt in Statement Floral
5. Forever21, Sheer Abstract Maxi Skirt

The maxi skirt is a great staple piece to have in your closet, especially on the days when you can’t seem to find anything to wear. It is extremely comfortable and extremely fashionable – which is a powerhouse combination.

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