Ease into your New Year healthy makeover!

by Michelle on November 27, 2017

With all of the overindulgence of the holidays (both in the food & drink categories as well as financially) it’s easy to fall into the trap of drastically cutting out the “bad” while being too strict with the “good”.  But regardless of your good intentions, things seem to go awry before the end of the year…leaving you feeling defeated and hopeless.  Maybe it’s time this year to try a different approach and hopefully get better results.

While it might be a bit easier to just NOT spend too much money by avoiding the shopping temptations, it’s not so easy to avoid eating unhealthy items since you need to eat to survive!  Between holiday parties and decadent treats that abound this time of year, it’s nearly impossible to enjoy the season and stick to a diet without feeling deprived.

Here are some hopefully helpful suggestions to ease you into a healthier mindset now while saving the more aggressive diet and exercise routine for early January:

  1. Plan your eating the day of the event so you fill up on healthy options at home (lean protein, fruits & vegetables, etc.) and you aren’t so hungry at the event which prompts overeating.
  2. Select healthy fare at the gathering and make the heavier foods and treats a small part of your plate (less than 25%) so you can still enjoy everything.
  3. Opt for healthier beverages (sparkling water, still water, coffee, tea, etc.) over the calorie-laden ones like soda, cider, eggnog, hard alcohol, wine, beer, etc.
  4. Try talking to people more than you normally would so you can’t eat so much (you can’t carry on a conversation while chewing!)
  5. Try to work in some extra exercise…take the stairs, park farther from the entrance, walk after meals (especially large ones) more than you normally would and get your heart pumping!
  6. Add in some sort of appetite suppressant or dieting aid to help reduce calorie overload and make healthy choices a bit easier.

Go easy on yourself and slowly work up to a stricter eating regimen and exercise routine…this has been shown to make efforts more successful and long-lasting.

Enjoy the season and everything on the menu with just a little bit more mindfulness towards being healthy overall and by the New Year you will have made a positive lifestyle change that’s permanent and can enhance increased efforts.




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