Easy Arm Exercises For Woman

by Gabriella Patel on July 28, 2012

Have you ever noticed how your arms flap along with the wind? Do you avoid wearing sleeveless shirts because you are not proud of how your arms look? Believe it or not, everyone has the same problem but very few actually want to do something about their flabby arms.

If you want to walk, jog or run with very little flesh jiggling under your arms, do know that there are arm exercises for woman which you could easily do. Take note that lean, strong and defined arms look very attractive specially when you’re wearing spaghetti straps. Fortunately, you are only an arm’s length away from keeping your muscles sexy as long as you regularly do arm exercises for woman. Once you do, you immediately rank yourself amongst stars such as Jennifer Lopez, Faith Hill, Heidi Klum who do women arm exercises.

However, the truth is that these arm exercises for woman will not be free from pain. You will have to exert effort, you will have to sweat. The process will not be easy. But the benefits of having sleek arms will surely outweigh all your sacrifices. Remember that even Michelle Obama had to lift some weights to get those toned arms. The question now is how?

No more excuses

First things first, nothing destroys an exercise program more than excuses. It is easier to say, “I can’t” or “I won’t” than actually doing a bench press. It is therefore best to stop thinking of excuses and just start to do the work.

Also, if you are avoiding arm exercises for woman because you are afraid you will get bulky arms, you are wrong. Some believe that lifting arm weights will make them look unfeminine. But the fact is that women’s bodies are not designed to bulk up. Generally, women do not have enough testosterone to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Check your arms

In order to get your arms in the best shape possible, it is important to first assess its current condition. Then, set a realistic target. Those who want to see less of their arms jiggling should do arm exercises for women with numerous repetitions. Also, their cardiovascular workout needs to be intensive. Do not forget another myth that lifting heavier weights will help you get to your goal faster.

Meanwhile, those who have scrawny arms need to do push-ups. These arm exercises women will help build strength and stamina. But you need to have proper equipments.

What equipments do you need?

Equipments-wise, you need to have gliding discs. You could also choose to have hand weights. It is highly recommended to choose three or eight pound weights. If you are unable to get such weights, feel free to use two bottled waters or two cans of beans. Resourcefulness is key.

A lot of women have extra pounds on their hips and midsection. This makes their arms easier to tone. It is therefore best to do ten repetitions of every arm exercises at least four times a week as doing so will help you see lean arms after a month.

Womens arm exercises

The best arm exercises for women is the push-up. If you can, do fifteen to twenty repetitions of this for two to three times each week. Feel free to begin with modified push-ups while you slowly work your way towards the full plank.

You can start exercising in front of a mirror so you can assess your alignment. As much as possible, your hands must be directly underneath your shoulders and aligned with your chest. Ensure that you have a tight core and your neck and shoulders are relaxed. Utilize your triceps in order to execute this exercise. Your entire body must be tight and parallel straight to the floor.

Another exercise is the wide arm push-up. You can use gliding discs for this move. Place these discs underneath your palms. Then, slide your hands to the sides as you bend and lower your elbows. Slide these back in as you push yourself up. You can do this routine for as little as six minutes at least three times per week. You can do ten repetitions for each exercise.

The sliding dip is another arm exercise. Place the gliding discs underneath your feet. Then, bend your elbows back towards your lower hips while both your legs are extended. Straighten your arms and slide your legs back in.

Elbow pulls is where you lie facedown with both your arms overhead and your hands on the discs. Slide these discs towads you as you lift your chest and bend your elbows back. Slide these discs in and out ten times.

All in all, in order to burn more fat, you can begin each exercise with a five minute cardiovascular exercise. Then, do jumping lunges or jump squats. Stop if you feel faint or tired. Also, do consult with your doctor prior to doing any of these exercises.


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