Essential Oils for Health

by Michelle on October 10, 2018

The talk about “essential oils” is all over the place these days…as are the various things that they can be used for.  Yes, essential oils smell good and can be used simply for that reason…in a humidifier, by putting a few drops on a lamp bulb, as perfume, or even in a spray bottle of water as a room and/or fabric refresher.  But they’re actually beneficial for a whole lot more when it comes to your health.

Now, “essential” to the essential oil information presented here is the fact that I’m talking about 100% pure essential oils…the all-natural ones, not the cheaper versions found in discount stores for really low prices.  These pure oils are made solely from plants and come straight from nature.  These pure essential oils come from concentrated and distilled plant extracts…this is why you need only a few drops to get all of the benefits.

Essential oils can be used for everything from emotional stresses and issues to physical issues, as well as for all natural cleaning alternatives.  For skin use be sure to use a carrier oil like almond, jojoba, or fractionated coconut oil with a few drops of the essential oil added since the high concentration of the essential oils is too strong to be applied directly to the skin.  You can also use the oils to create a spray using witch hazel and water, with a few drops of your preferred essential oil.  Spray the mixture on the skin.

Here are 10 essential oils to start your first aid kit with to help with ailments, illness, and injury:

Lavender:  A classic, soothing oil which many people find relaxing and calming.  It’s also used to comfort minor burns, scrapes, scratches, and bug bites.  It can be used in a diffuser before bed and for massages to ease sore, tense muscles.

Peppermint:  Another good starter oil that is classic, refreshing, clean, and energizing.  Used to soothe the symptoms of respiratory issues as well as helping head stuffiness feel clearer.  It can also help to create an “icy-hot” sensation for tension as well as soothing digestive issues.

Tea Tree (Melaleuca):  A wonderfully cleansing oil that’s an ingredient in many skin care products, including acne creams, soaps, and other cleansers.  The invigorating scent smells clean and adds a tingle to dandruff shampoo and body wash.  It’s also great for housekeeping sprays.

Lemon:  The bright, cheery, energizing smell of lemon smells clean and rejuvenating.  Great for household freshness and it’s also used in lotions and face wash to reduce the appearance of blemishes.  It has a high concentration of vitamin C but use caution with lemon and other citrus blends in the sun as they may cause photo-sensitivity.

Lemongrass:  It gets its name from the citrus aroma, but also has a wonderful herbal quality making it the top choice for home use.  It’s used in a bather after a workout or in a rub on swollen ankles, bruises, and bumps.  Lemongrass is very relaxing and a great addition to homemade cleaning products, air fresheners, and to clear out musty, stale odors.

Eucalyptus:  The ultimate in head-clearing, refreshing scents, this oil is used in many ways.  It’s great for unwinding, destressing, and when you have tired muscles.  It’s also excellent for energizing you and helping you to feel awake and refreshed.

Oregano:  This herb is part of the mint family and wonderful for uplifting you, aiding to relax strain, and to destress.  A few drops on your feet will help you feel calm at night as well.  Oregano oil has been used by some alternative therapy practitioners for calming the effects of allergies.

Clove:  A wonderful spicy and comforting scent it is gently warming and even creates a slightly numbing effect.  Often used to ease dental and skin issues, it’s featured in many cleansing blends.  It’s energizing and spicy aroma is a diffuser favorite.

Frankincense:  A favorite among essential oil users it’s highly versatile and some even apply it to their scars, stretchmarks, and rashes.  Others like it for an uplifting boost during cold and flu season.  Many anti-aging and wrinkle products contain frankincense.  It’s perfect as a stress-relieving oil.

Copaiba:  This oil has recently become popular due to its very soothing properties and that it provides an overall sense of wellness.  It has a woodsy scent and comes from South America where it’s commonly used to ease a variety of ailments and concerns.  Copaiba is a sweet-smelling oil that creates a relaxing atmosphere and it’s wonderful for diffusing.

In addition to the single oils, there are also oil “blends” that are great for a variety of ailments and treatments.  Thieves is one oil blend that is used for many applications…from treating colds and sore throats to aiding in preventing open wound infection and promoting healing.  Here is a link to 50 uses for this amazing oil blend:

Whether you use essential oils simply for their delightful smell or venture further into their health properties be sure whatever you use is 100% pure and natural…with no artificial ingredients.  As always, if you do use them medicinally please check with your healthcare provider to make sure you are fine to use these all natural oils with any medical conditions and/or medications you might have.




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