Getting Abs For The Summer

by Jackie on July 15, 2016

Toned abdominal muscles are a result of hard work and a healthy diet. It is not really possible to get great abs with any magic tricks; there is no cheating if you want to get a six-pack. Medicine Ball WorkoutIf you need to lose weight in the stomach area, you will have to combine a healthy low-fat diet with an exercise program. If you do not need to lose weight, but only want to tone your abs, you should develop a routine that addresses all the muscles in the core area.

Cardio and Resistance Training

A program for great abs must combine cardiovascular exercises, resistance training and a generally healthy lifestyle, including healthy nutrition. Avoid junk foods and pre-packaged meals, as these often contain excess salt which can make you look bloated. Cardiovascular exercise means exercises that boost your heart rate, make you sweat and help you to burn fat. Resistance and toning exercises can include traditional abdominal exercises (sit-ups, crunches, leg lifts) or other techniques that tone and strengthen the core. It is important to strengthen all the abdominal muscles, including the oblique muscles on both sides of your stomach.

Building a Strong Core

Pilates is known for its ability to develop core strength. Although many fitness experts would claim that Pilates does not really help you to lose weight, it is an excellent form of exercise for toning the abdominal area and the whole body. By adding weekly Pilates sessions to your fitness regimen, you can build up your core surprisingly fast. If you need to lose weight while working on the six-pack, combine cardiovascular exercises with Pilates sessions. You should do cardio work several times a week.

You might also be surprised to learn that yoga can help you to get great abs. Some of the most vigorous and powerful styles of yoga, such as ashtanga yoga, focus a lot on core strength. Many long-term ashtanga yoga practitioners, both men and women, have extremely strong abdominal muscles. Just like Pilates, this dynamic form of yoga tones the whole core area. Some of the more gentle yoga styles probably will not help as much.

With the right combination of exercise and a healthy diet, you can usually start to see some results within three months. A healthy diet does not mean crash diets or yo-yo dieting. It is important to make a nutritious, healthy low-fat diet a part of your daily lifestyle.



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