Give the Gift of Fitness this Fathers Day!

by Wendy on June 14, 2016

Give something meaningful this year and give the gift of wellness! Check out these cool gifts to give your dad this year.


Organic Cold Press JuiceFitness Trackers

Logging workouts helps you stay motivated, so why not gift a fitness tracker?  There are a bunch of cool wristbands available from several manufacturers in fun colors. Most track activity, steps, distance and calories burned. Some even track sleep.  Check out the Fitbug Orb, the Fitbit Flex, the Up Band, or the Nike Fuel Band which range anywhere from $50 to $150.



If you really want to give a gift that wows, consider a treadmill for the cardio lover in your life. There many different options available to fit most budgets.  Do your research to make sure you get a quality product.


Water Bottle

So long plastic and environmentally harmful water bottles!  With so many choices, you’ll find one to fit anyone’s style.  Choose a water bottle that’s BPA/BPS-free and dishwasher safe.


A Personal Trainer

Give the gift of a fitness with a training session(s) from a personal trainer.  They will not only get fitness tips and body assessments, but they will also be inspired by new moves and routines.



Many people love their juicers, and if you know someone who has been wanting one of these appliances, why not surprise them with one for the holidays.  There are plenty sites to research juicers online to make sure you get a quality juicer for your money.



Old pro or newbie, isn’t a bike the perfect gift for “kids” of any age?


Jump Rope

An inexpensive gift for the man who wants to try something new in their cardio routine. It’s the perfect gift for the fit-minded person who travels a lot and even a good jump rope will only set you back around $20.


New Running Shoes

What runner would not love a new pair of supportive running shoes!  Or a gift card to their favorite running store so they can pick them out themselves.


MP3 Player

A fun fitness gift would be an MP3 player and a gift card to download new workout music!


A New Cookbook

Do you have a dad or even the family trying to eat healthier?  Why not give them some inspiration and new recipe ideas in a great new cookbook!


Yoga Mat

For your Yoga loving dad, he will love the extra cushion he gets when exercising on his new mat!



Help them relieve their sore muscles after hard workouts and give them a gift certificate for a massage appointment.


Fitness Magazine Subscription

This is a fun gift that will last them the whole year and also keep them inspired and motivated throughout the year!



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