Going Green!

by Wendy on April 1, 2014

Green vegetables can help you lose weight when you eat them as part of a healthy and varied diet. While each type of green vegetable varies in its flavor and calorie count, all are beneficial to your health.  Vegetables contain a lot of fiber, which helps you feel full for a longer period of time and helps reduce hunger spikes between meals. This can help you consume less food in the long run.


Green foods such as fruits and vegetables provide a wide range of vitamins and minerals. Also, the nutrients contained in green vegetables work to impede the development of cancer, notes the American Cancer Society. Eating fruits and vegetables each day helps your body to stay healthy and strong.


Here is a list of some nutrition packed veggies you should be including in your family’s diet:


Broccoli has as much vitamin C in one single ½ cup serving, as a whole orange does.  Also, in a ½ cup serving of broccoli, you will find 40mg of calcium.  In case you need more reason to add broccoli to your plate, it also is a detoxifier because of its powerful punch towards the fight against cancer.  You can eat it raw as a snack or shred or dice it to put in salads, soups, stews, casseroles, omelets and add it to recipes for chicken.


Spinach is rich in iron, calcium, vitamins K and A, and the flavonoids it contains are thought to slow cognitive declines.  Spinach is also rich in antioxidants which will help fight against many ailments such as heart disease, asthma and arthritis.  If that isn’t enough, although found in small amounts, spinach has protein! Eating spinach regularly will keep your body well supplied with crucial vitamins and minerals. You can eat spinach raw on a sandwich or wrap or in a salad, or chop or shred it to use in soups, casseroles, dips and in cheese sauce.


Arugula is also rich in vitamin C and potassium. Both of these nutrients are needed to regulate many functions within our body such as metabolic reactions and nerve function.  Several studies have shown this family of vegetables to be particularly beneficial in reducing cancer risk at several sites within the body.  It is a diuretic and helps to cleanse the kidneys, too.


Avocado has been shown to prevent breast cancer and its nutrient properties are successful in the treatment of prostate cancer.  The sterolins it contains help to heal sun damage and scars and maybe even more important, avocadoes are beneficial in the regulation of blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases.  It packs quite a healthy punch because an avocado contains 20 vitamins and minerals per one ounce serving


Some other greens to give a try are bok choy, kale, cabbage, mustard greens and Brussels sprouts.  These too are great sources of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.



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