Great Food, Great Health, And No Dairy Diet

by Gabriella Patel on August 19, 2012

Surprisingly, many people cannot digest milk and suffer from bloating and an irritated digestive tract. Many do not realize why they are having embarrassing gas or sinus problems. True milk allergies can be deadly, while not being able to digest lactose can be miserable. A no dairy diet has benefits that far outweigh what milk products can do for the dieter. Not only does it cut down the problematic fat in a diet but it helps with the general health of people. Most of the public cannot digest the lactose found in milk products and have digestive upsets as a result. The inflammation that comes with undigested milk proteins can raise threats of arthritis and cause suffering from sinus challenges. Divorcing from our marriage to traditional cheese and other dairy products can provide surprising health benefits going beyond any weight loss goals.

Eliminating dairy from a standard menu plan can be a real learning experience. The health benefits from non dairy diets are well worth it. Exploring alternatives can be a happy adventure because of the many choices to work with on a no dairy diet. Milk substitutes have found their way to the main stream grocery stores. A good source of calcium can be found in hemp seeds and nuts. A tasty drink that can go over cereal, hemp seed drinks come in several flavors. A couple of things you cannot get from milk but from this wonderful seed are the omega threes we are lacking in our diets. Yes, this is a product that at first glance has a lot of fat but it is the kind of fat, omega threes, which will help with body fat reduction. Coconut oil is reported to help with weight loss and adding coconut ice cream as an occasional sweet can supply a little coconut oil. It is an enjoyable occasion to sit down and just savor the flavor of a chocolaty spoonful of this frozen treat. Following a non dairy diet menu does not mean another reason to despair. There are so many choices out there, people would not miss the milk they had in their lives.

Non dairy diet recipes are easy to find these days. Researching ideas on the Internet or going to a local health food store can supply a lot of tasty, low calorie ideas for meals. One of the tricks people use to cut calories and add nutrition to their diet is using nutritional yeast in place of cheese in their cooking. Nutritional yeast is full of B vitamins and minerals. Sprinkle a little on popcorn or add it to a recipe that calls for cheese. It is tasty and helps with that craving for a cheesy flavor. With a little planning, there are other ways to get around the need for cream and butter in a meal plan. One of the tastiest bowls of creamy chicken soup can be made from a base of unflavored, unsweetened soy milk. Calcium can be gotten from many sources. With a little planning, a no dairy diet can be more satisfying than a conventional food plan. Not only are there great tasting substitutes for cheese, yogurt and other dairy products, there are a lot of foods that provide the same benefits as dairy without the digestive problems that come with consuming lactose.

If being adventurous in exploring new foods is not appealing then take a look at the tried and true foods which can still substitute for dairy. Canned salmon with the bones provides a high content of calcium. Eating sesame seeds sneaks in a highly digestible form of calcium. Adding Brazil nuts and almonds can be another way. If a person is really concern about not getting enough of the nutrition that comes from milk then consider taking a supplement as an addition to a part of a non dairy diet. Calcium should not be taken alone so be sure there is at least D3 and magnesium included with the Calcium. In addition, the kind of calcium is important. Most dairy products contain high amounts of cholesterol and eliminating them from a menu plan can go a long way to managing unhealthy fats in day to day eating.

Over all, no dairy diets can bring a lot of benefits to the table. A person does not have to be vegan to enjoy leaving off cow’s milk products in their daily routine. With a little planning, a standard no dairy diet can be enjoyed, helping with cholesterol reduction and lowering calorie intake. If a person is adventurous, they can find themselves in a completely new world of food choices to explore and enjoy. Check out the milk alternatives and have a helping of rice based ice cream, it just might be a new healthy luxury for a hot summers day.

Gabriella Patel

Gabriella Patel

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