Healthy And Fun Summer Activities For Kids

by Wendy on June 28, 2017

The summer holidays are a great time to get the kids active, and there are many healthy summer activities that are completely free or cost very little.

Cooking with Kids

Go to the park to play football, to throw the Frisbee, to fly a kite or to rent some roller blades. Many good old summer activities, such as rope jumping or the hula hoop, are actually great for getting fit and healthy.
If you have a backyard, make sure the kids join you in gardening duties.
Plan a picnic and have the kids involved in making a healthy packed lunch that includes fresh vegetables, juices, fruit and healthy snacks. Combine the picnic with outdoor activities or sports. Make a day trip with the kids somewhere in the local area and find a new attraction, a new playground for the younger ones or a new activity for the older kids to try.
Take an active day out and try some outdoor activities: take the kids to a climbing wall, try horse riding, go cycling or swimming, or go camping and include the kids in all the camping activities.



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