Healthy And Tasty Carbonated Drink Substitutes

by Wendy on August 3, 2016

Is carbonated water healthy? Carbonated water is plain water infused with carbon dioxide. It can be a relatively healthy, non-alcoholic drink in moderate amounts if it does not contain added sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Skip the SodaThere are some carbonation effects, however, that may cause health troubles: Carbon dioxide becomes gas in the stomach, which causes belching and heartburn.

Carbonated drink substitutes include plain water, fruit juices, herbal teas and coconut water. Plain water has almost no calories and is ideal for hydrating. If plain water feels too boring, add some lemon, lime juice, fresh mint or lemon balm.

Herbal teas are healthy carbonated drink substitutes. They are low in calories and provide antioxidants and many other health benefits. Herbal or fruit teas can be served hot or chilled when the weather is hot.

Fruit juices are healthy drinks, but they contain a lot of sugar. You can reduce the sugar and calorie content if you dilute fruit juices with plain water. Vegetable juices are lower in sugar and calories than pure fruit juices, and they also contain many vitamins and minerals. Coconut water is excellent for hydrating after exercise.



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