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by Jackie on August 20, 2012

Looking for some cheap diet plans to help you lose weight? There are numerous healthy cheap diet plans, recipes and supplements that you can immediately incorporate into your current, daily routine. Below are several different tips to help you get started.

One of the keys to successfully losing weight is to replace all the fat and sugar in your diet with something healthy. Not only will you lose weight quickly, but you will also become healthier overall. You’ll have more energy and probably avoid many of the health problems that are exacerbated by being overweight.

Fresh Vegetables & Fruit

Vegetables and fruits generally cost more than processed ones, yet there are ways to cut your costs. Check with your local Farmer’s market for lower priced produce that not only is fresh and more tasty than shipped produce, but also costs substantially less, as it is produced locally. In addition, you can grow your own vegetables in a garden, weather permitting, as several delicious vegetables produce several crops in one season.


A quick search of the Internet will reveal many sources that sell wholesale diet supplements, priced at well below the manufacturers suggested price. Using a generic version of the supplement will also save you additional money when using cheap diet plans.


Do you drink a lot of sugary fluids? Substitute soda for tap or bottled water and not only will you lose weight quickly, you’ll also spend less. Plus, drinking cold or ice water help you burn calories because your body works to warm up the water.

Cheap, Low Calorie Foods

Below is a list of numerous foods for some simple cheap diet plans;

* Bananas
Costing much less than most other fruits, Bananas contain lots of potassium and can be used as a sweetener.

* Tuna
Tuna is a great choice for cheap diet plans, as it low in fat, high in protein, and usually costs about 50 cents a 4 oz. can. Mixing with plain, low-fat, generic yogurt with some fresh parsley and pepper and served on low-fat wheat crackers, makes a tasty snack.

* Generic Yogurt (low-fat)
Coming in many different flavors, yogurt is low-cost (3 for a dollar) and is a great substitute for mayonnaise and sugar. Yogurt can be eaten alone or used in a snack. Top a cup of strawberry, low-fat yogurt with bananas and cooked oatmeal for a tasty strawberry split without all the calories.

* Dried Peas & beans
Several servings can be made from just one 16 oz. bag of dried beans or peas. Bursting with fiber, containing a low amount of fat and costing around a dollar, this food is a must for your healthy cheap diet plans. Slow cook the beans or peas in beef broth, then add some chopped onion and bell pepper.

* Brown Rice
Brown rice is very inexpensive and is an excellent source of fiber. Boil a cup of brown rice, using beef bouillon, then mix with small pinch of curry and plain yogurt, then top with fresh mint.

* Eggs
Being low on carbohydrates and high on protein, eggs are not only cheap and healthy, but also give you the energy needed for any exercise regimen you may include in your weight-loss plan. Slice boiled eggs and top with pepper and a spoonful of plain, generic low-fat yogurt on one piece of toasted, unbuttered wheat bread.

* Oatmeal
This delicious grain is yet another good food to add to your cheap diet plans and a large amount can be bought for just a few dollars. Its so versatile that you can either sweeten it with all kinds of fruits, or use it as a topper after browning it in the oven, on green beans, squash or a vegetable of your choice.

* Popcorn (air-popped without butter)
Without adding butter, popcorn can be a very cheap substitute for fatty chips. Microwaved or air-popped, light, butter-flavored popcorn is also high in fiber and cost about a dollar for three, individual packs.

With all the energy you’ll be obtaining from all the healthy foods you’ll be eating during your simple cheap diet plans, an exercise regimen will help use up the energy and burn calories at the same time. Start with short sessions that focus on the parts of your body where you want to lose weight. Gradually expand the amount of exercises and time doing spent doing them until your completing at least an hour or two per day. Take walks around your neighborhood or obtain a fitness club membership or join an exercise class.

It may be a little difficult to get started, but keeping a diary of what you ate, along with with how much you worked out and pounds lost, will encourage you to reach your goal. Not only will you have accomplished losing weight, but you will also have done it cheaply.



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