How Exercise Can Boost Mood

by Rachelle on June 9, 2017

Regular exercise has many benefits for both physical and mental health. Studies have shown that physical exercise can relieve anxiety, reduce stress and boost mood. When you are exercising, your body releases endorphins, so-called “feel-good chemicals” that are responsible for making you feel better after a workout. Research also shows that physical exercise improves sleep, reduces tension in the body and the mind, and increases energy levels. It can even relieve symptoms of mild or moderate depression.
Exercising helps to take your mind off worries and negative thoughts. The feel good hormones from exercising together with the feeling of getting fit and healthy can also help to build self-confidence.
If you are feeling low, it is not always easy to get motivated for exercising, but once you start you will soon notice the positive effects on your well-being. Even short sessions will bring many benefits, and you can start with just 15-20 minutes a day. Any physical activity works: choose walking, jogging, cycling, dancing or going to the gym, or try yoga, Pilates, swimming or any activity that you enjoy; exercising should be enjoyable and fun.



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