How I Conquered Obesity Through 30 Night Diet

by Rachelle on April 22, 2016

My experience with 30 night diet has been quite positive. First of all, this is not to say that the supplement will work for everybody. However, in my case, it is quite understandable how the supplement has helped me control weight gain.

Sunshine Vitamin DOvereating Due To Depression

In my particular case, I suffered from depression since my early teens. When I grew up to be an adult, I started eating any type of good-tasting food to fix my unpleasant moods. This was when the real problem with obesity began. Every time I felt down, I would splurge on desserts, sweets, and anything with chocolate, which I read to be good food for fighting depressing moments. Although, eating got me through those worse times, I also gained too much weight as a consequence.

Introduction To 30 night diet (5 HTP)

A friend gave me a book about 5 HTP when I told her about my problem on depression. 5-Hydroxytrophan is a by-product of L-tryptophan. Since it is not naturally produced by the body, it has been commercially extracted from the seeds of Griffonia Simplicifolia, an African plant. As I was reading through the book, I learned that the supplement has been used to help people with sleep disorders, premenstrual syndrome, migraine headaches, depression, anxiety, and as some studies suggest, obesity.

5-HTP works by increasing the production of serotonin, a feel good chemical that affects sleep, temperature, appetite, libido, pain sensation, and others. In a book by van Hiele LJ, the use of the supplement for depression was discussed in further detail and was speculated to be the first substitution therapy used in Psychiatry. Since it makes people feel good, I thought it would also help me feel less depressed.

5-HTP and Obesity

During my research, I noted that some studies suggested that it could help cure obesity.Ā  A study by Birdsall, for example, suggested that since it can lessen the tendencies of binge eating, it can help people with obesity. Therefore, by curbing a person’s appetite, it can stop the cause of obesity at its core.

My Take?

While I am not certain whether 30 night diet can help every person suffering from obesity, I do know that my use of the supplement has helped me lose weight by stopping the cause of my overeating habits, that is, depression. Nonetheless, since it has been suggested to curb appetite, it may help people who have gained weight through overeating.



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