How To Choose The Best Summer Body Workouts

by Wendy on June 20, 2017

If you want to get fit and healthy for the summer, choose summer body workouts that you enjoy. It is better to work out a little every day and enjoy working out than to do a long, exhausting session once a week. Include cardiovascular work that gets the heart rate up and burns fat, and add some weight training, toning exercises or resistance training. Choose activities that you enjoy such as cycling, running, brisk walking, swimming, yoga, tennis, Pilates, rollerblading or fitness classes.
Many magazines and websites have summer body challenges that are great for getting motivated to get into shape fast. You can also find free apps and websites that help you to count your daily calorie intake. Many apps even tell you how many calories you have burned through physical activity.
When the summer holidays arrive it is easy to indulge, but there are many ways to stay healthy while enjoying the summer. Eat a lot of fresh produce and low-fat lean protein, and avoid processed foods and junk food. Drink a lot of water to stay hydrated through the summer.



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