How To Tone Your Body: Workouts And Diet

by Wendy on March 29, 2017

The best way tone your body is a healthy balanced diet combined with workouts that burn fat and improve muscle tone. Good toning workouts include weight training, Pilates and some styles of yoga. There are also fitness and toning classes at gyms and fitness centers that combine aerobic fitness with toning exercises.

Some yoga classes are more about relaxing and breathing, but many classes are great for building up strength and muscle tone, especially ashtanga, vinyasa and power yoga. Pilates is known to be excellent for toning. There are also yoga and Pilates exercises you can do at home to tone your body.
A healthy diet that supports working out means lean proteins, whole grains, fruit and vegetables and unsaturated fats. Your exercise routine needs to include some cardiovascular work as well as toning or weights, because cardiovascular exercise burns fat and calories and will help towards a more defined muscle tone. Choose any exercise that you enjoy, as long as you do it regularly: fitness classes, cycling, walking or jogging, rowing or other exercises that get your heart rate up.



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