Importance of Healthy Blood Circulation

by Jackie on January 9, 2015

Good blood circulation is essential to maintaining a healthy body. Your circulatory system is responsible for delivering oxygen and nutrients to your cells and is used to filter out waste and carbon dioxide from your body.veins Without this system working properly, you can develop a wide range of health problems, many of which can be fatal over time. Low blood circulation can also slowly do damage to major tissues and organs which can lead to additional health problems which can also be dangerous.

Some Causes of Low Blood Circulation

There are many reasons why you may suffer from poor circulation in the body. One of the most common is the hardening of the blood vessels. Blood vessels that harden make it difficult to pump blood throughout the body, most notably in the hands and legs. This is caused by plaque deposits forming along the artery walls due to high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes. Conditions like smoking or aging can also cause the blood vessels to harden.

Diabetes or high cholesterol also contribute to the level of plaque formed and deposited in your body. This plaque sticks to the walls of your arteries which narrows the area in which blood can move through. The harder it is to pump blood throughout your body, the lower your blood circulation levels will be. This condition can be increased by poor eating habits that both contribute to the severity of these conditions and deprive your body of the necessary nutrients to keep up your circulatory system.

Not exercising frequently can also lead to poor blood circulation. When you spend a great deal of time in a neutral position blood in the pelvis and legs can become stagnant which can lead to poor circulation and blood pooling. Combining a lack of exercise with poor diet and smoking can also increase your risk of developing a dangerous condition.

In some cases, tight fitting clothing can decrease blood circulation, most notably in the pelvic region. Control-top pantyhose, tight shirts or skinny jeans are just a few examples of clothing that can contribute to this issue.

Stress can also lead to poor circulation, most notably in the hands. Stress leads to knots in the muscles in the shoulders and neck which can restrict blood flow to the heart and other major organs.

How to Improve Poor Blood Circulation

After knowing the exact causes of circulatory system problems, natural therapies, conventional medication and lifestyle changes can he used to relief or remove this condition. You can treat conditions of bad blood circulation by doing aerobic exercises, eating healthy diets and taking some medicine prescribed by your doctor to relief the pain and swelling.

Exercise. The best thing you can do to help improve poor blood circulation is to exercise more frequently and lose weight. If your circulation is quite poor you may need to start with moderate exercise and work your way up to more vigorous routines to avoid injury. Cardio based workout routines are essential for this work because this increases lymphatic fluid and help improve the immune system.

Diet. Diet will also play a large part in increasing your circulation. Increasing levels of iron and vitamin C found in foods like lentils, beans, chickpeas or citrus fruits. Increasing your intake of Vitamin E by eating foods like garlic, onions or olive oil can help thin the blood so it easier to pump blood throughout the body. Cutting foods like sugar, fat and toxins like alcohol will help you lower cholesterol levels which can cause damage to the arteries and impact blood flow.



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