Is there such thing as a real weight loss pill?

by Wendy on March 15, 2016

Anyone with a weight problem like me knows the frustration of chasing after the latest weight loss fad. Experience tells us that we are going to be disappointed. At the same time, it is in our nature to think, “Maybe, just maybe, this time it will work.”

Hunger Those without our weight problem can’t identify with how badly we want to find that one thing that will allow us to control our weight without having to stay on a starvation diet for the rest of our lives.

One of the products I have been following for a while is the 5-HTP herbal supplements. When I first started looking at it, I found a good news, bad news situation. The good news is that several studies show that a steady, reasonable dosage of 5-HTP causes people to lose some of their desire to eat. That means fewer calories coming in and, as a result, weight is lost. In some cases, the loss was 3% to 4% over a six week period. The neat thing is that the loss resulted without dieting or extra exercise. It came about simply because the people in the study ate less. This study was reported by Costa and Greengard in an article in theĀ  journal, “Advances in Biochemical Psychopharmacolgy.”

A Lack of Solid Science

The bad news part of what I have learned isn’t really bad news; it’s more of a case of no news. A lot of professionals express positive views and a ton of personal testimonials. However, there simply aren’t enough controlled clinical studies or scientific articles that are published in reputable journals to get excited about it. With all of the attention focused on 5-HTP, this will hopefully change in the not too distant future.

One reason I am so intrigued by 5 HTP is that is an all natural product. In fact, you can’t get it from food; the body makes it from amino acids. Aside from being natural, is has a lot of other benefits and effects on the body. It is used by a lot of doctors, both medical doctors and alternative practitioners, with people that suffer from depression. The serotonin that it produces has a very positive effect on the brain and mood swings. Many people also believe that the herbal supplements that provide 5-HTP are effective against heart disease.

I intend to continue to use products like 30 night diet which has 5-HTP. Since it doesn’t require a prescription, it is considered safe to try on and has helped me with my appetite control in my struggle with my weight.



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