Maximize Your Metabolism!

by Rachelle on June 27, 2014

If you’ve been very diligent when it comes to eating right and exercising regularly, but the scale still doesn’t budge, then your metabolism may be to blame!

Metabolism is the process by which your body makes and uses energy (caloric intake) for everything from absorbing nutrients to running a marathon. The more calories your body burns per day, the easier it is to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight. What you eat, how you eat, the type of exercise you do and even how you sleep can all impact your metabolism. So if you feel like your metabolism is running at a turtle-like speed, here are 5 tips that will speed up your body’s motor and drive the numbers on the scale down.

Drink plenty of water

You need to stay hydrated to flush out all the toxins and metabolic byproducts your body creates daily. As you lose weight, you create even more toxic byproducts as fat is burned. If these products build up in your body, they can drain your energy as well as affect your health. Drinking at least 64 ounces of waterdaily will help to ensure you’re hydrated. Cold water may also give your metabolism a small boost because some energy is required to heat the body, so try drinking a glass of ice water with each meal.

Avoid stressful situations

Although it’s easier said than done, lowering your stress level is essential if you want to successfully lower the scale. Both physical and emotional stress stimulate the release of stress hormones. Avoiding stress, or reducing stress, can help decrease the production of this hormone and in turn elevate your metabolism.

Challenge your muscles!

Around the age of 30, your metabolism will start to slow down. This age-related decline in metabolism is due to a loss of lean body mass or muscle. Muscle is the most important predictor of how well you burn calories and body fat. Regular strength training with weights or resistance bands is crucial to building muscle mass and slowing down age related muscle loss. The more muscle mass you maintain and develop, the more calories you’ll burn each day; even as you’re sleeping!

Eat breakfast

When you skip breakfast, you disrupt the rest of your day and your weight loss efforts. When you eat breakfast, you’re doing two things. You’re jump-starting your metabolism, and you’re preventing excessive hunger that’s more than likely to occur later in the day if you skip a meal, which can lead to cravings and overeating.

Catch some Z’s

When your body doesn’t get enough sleep (recommended 7-8 hours a night), the physical stress placed on your body is even higher. Fatigue can trigger food cravings and increased appetite, making it challenging to stay on track with a healthy eating plan. To make matters worse, lean body mass is regenerated in the last few hours of restful sleep, which, if missed, can lead to a smaller percent of lean body mass production, slowing your metabolism.




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