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by David on July 12, 2012

Every week we want to take a moment and profile one of our contributing authors. Today’s focus is Mr. Mark Williams. For the most part we have some questions we want to ask Mark but a little background may be helpful. Mark was born in Utah County in the beehive state of Utah. He’s always been an active guy, playing several sports in High School and continuing that today with his series on ‘Employee Weight Loss Challenges.’ Mark has been married for a few years and has 1 child, a little boy, with another on the way. He’s been working for Creative Bioscience for the past 3 months and really loves what he does.

To the questions…

So Mark, what is it about healthy living that interests you?

Um…the ability to change ones body through proper application of healthy practices. Its exciting to see other people who have never made changes to their body go through that process for the first time, thats what’s exciting to me.

More specifically why did you want to work for Creative Bioscience?

Hands down I really liked what they had to offer in the way of product development. The ownership here really is committed to making sure each supplement is literally ‘chuck’ full of beneficial ingredients. On top of that its the only company I know of that offers 24/7 diet support for users of their product.

Whats your favorite thing to try and communicate online?

My favorite thing to communicate online is taking someone whose tried tons of different things to lose weight with little or no success, not because of lack of motivation or effort but because lack of awareness. Showing that person that there really are small and simple customized things that works for the individual and working in a one on one basis with individuals to help them reach their goals. So at its core – helping people help themselves.

Whats your favorite cheat food?

Boy, I tell you what, if I am really feeling deprived of junk food the first thought I have is a nice smooth milk chocolate concoction of some kind.

Give me 3 tips for going from an ‘all you can eat’ diet to making smarter health choices?

1) Pre-plan your meals

2) Having a healthy snack available for when you get the sugar shakes

3) Give yourself room to cheat so that its not an all or nothing scenario

What can we look forward to as your sort of ‘style of voice’ here on the Creative Bioscience blog?

I feel I’m pretty candid, I like to keep things light. While health and obesity in this country is a serious topic, getting to serious or too medical grade research with people is overwhelming

What is your least favorite ‘healthy food’ item?

I don’t think green beans can be considered healthy. I don’t eat anything grown in Satan’s garden.





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