Mistakes You May Be Making at the Gym

by Rachelle on September 4, 2015

So you’ve made up your mind that you are heading to the gym. The best thing to do is to just pick up and go right? Well, at least you’ve made the decision to go, but it is best to make plans on what you are going to work on that day, and have everything else set up so you don’t have to worry about the little things later.

Kettlebell WorkoutHere are a few, simple mistakes that may distract us from having a complete workout once we get there:

Saving Strength Training for Last

If you’re doing cardio and strength training in the same day, saving strength training for post-cardio might impact your performance much more than you realize.

Why is this the case? It is easier to focus on getting your form right during squats and lunges if you do them first. Using proper form isn’t just crucial for you to see the results you want; it also protects you from injuries. Resist the temptation to get your treadmill session out of the way before hitting the weights.

Not Hydrating Before Your Workout

Entering a workout even mildly dehydrated can be very taxing on the body and can hinder physical performance, especially in warm or hot environments. Water serves several vital purposes during activity, including delivering oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, helping to regulate body temperature, and removing metabolic waste products generated during exercise.

Without adequate hydration to start, the body experiences greater physiological strain as the heart has to work harder and the body has a harder time cooling down. It also saps the body of energy leaving one not only physically but also mentally drained. How hard do you think you can push yourself when you’re feeling like this? Keep yourself properly hydrated before you hit the gym.

Not Having a Game Plan

Making sure you have a beast of a workout starts way before you lift that first weight or hop into the pool. Creating a plan of exactly what you’re going to do in the gym or on a run sets you up for success. Not only does writing out your workout make you feel accountable for seeing it through, but it makes the time you spend exercising much more efficient, too.

Being Distracted by Your Phone

You might think that quickly checking your messages or e-mail mid-workout is no big deal. After all, it only takes a few seconds to respond to a text from a friend, right? Even in the few seconds it takes to check your phone, you’re shifting your attention away from your workout. An effective workout requires focus, so leave your phone at home or in the locker room when you are out there sweating. If you need it for your music, put it in airplane mode.

Sticking to the Same Routine Every Day

A lot of us swear by one workout routine because it is easier than switching things up. But if you’ve been doing the same circuit for months, odds are your body is bored with the routine. Change it up to keep seeing a difference in your body and fitness levels. Try a new yoga class, or just mix in a few different exercises on leg day. Your body will thank you, and it’ll help keep you more interested in working out.



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