“Mom, Can I Have a Snack?”

by Wendy on March 19, 2013

You probably hear these words multiple times each day!  Wouldn’t it be great if your kids could just get their own snacks?  But how can you trust that the snacks they would get for themselves would be healthy?  You need to create a snack bin!


The Snack Bin

A snack bin is a plastic storage container kept in the refrigerator that is filled with individual serving size ready to eat snacks.  Just add snack-sized sandwich bags and small containers with healthy food that is packed into kid-sized portions.

Keep your snack bin in the refrigerator on a low shelf so it is easily accessible for young kids.  Your kids will love the independence of being able to get their own snack!  They will get to choose their snacks but all the choices will be healthy “mom approved” snacks!

Another convenience of having the snack bin is that it makes packing school lunch quick and easy too.  All you need to do is make a sandwich or other main item and then you can quickly grab a vegetable, fruit, and dairy item from the bin and lunch is done!


Choosing a Bin

I like the clear storage bins.  There are several different sizes that will fit into any fridge space and it is easy to see everything inside the bin.  Kids will also be able to recognize the snack bin easily.  Do not choose a bin that is too large because you may be tempted to overfill the bin causing it to be too heavy and more difficult to see the contents.

Choose a simple bin without a lot of detail.  This will make it easier to clean and wipe out each week when you fill your container.


Let Your Kids Have Input on the Contents of the Snack Bin

Each week let your kids help create a list of what they want included in their snack bin.  Otherwise you may end up with a full snack bin at the end of the week.  Make sure to include variety of snacks; two or three of each item will give them a great variety of choices.


Make a Plan

Try to fill your snack bin weekly after your grocery store run.  Make a list of healthy snack ideas you want to include in your snack bin.  Then each week you can go over the list with your child and together you can decide what will be in the snack bin that week.  Add add those items to your weekly grocery list.


Snack Bin Idea List




Apple sauce


Orange slices

Fruit leather


Dried fruit







Cherry or grape tomatoes

Granola bars

Whole wheat cereal

Graham crackers


Whole wheat crackers

Trail mix


Nuts pretzels

Cheese or meat cubed

Cheese sticks


Yogurt tubes

Peeled hard boiled eggs


Milk box

100% fruit juice box

Bottled water


Other Snack Bin Tips

  • Have your kids help you divide the snacks into containers and snack bags.
  • Place small items like cheese sticks or yogurt tubes in plastic cups within the bin to keep them visible.
  • Take the time to wipe your bin each week when you fill it.
  • At the end of the week take some sandwiches the rest of the items in your snack bin for a fun family picnic!


I hope these ideas will inspire you to create your own snack bin!  It works well for our family, especially when we are headed out the door for a class or practice and the kids need an on the go snack to quickly grab.



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