On Your Mark, Get Set, GO!

by Mel on June 20, 2013

There are several reasons people commit to run in an organized race.  The top reason most runners say is MOTIVATION!  Another one of the top reasons is FUN!  If you have never completed an organized race, now it the time!  Summer offers several races to fit any ability.  So check out the local races in your town and get movin’!


Races are GREAT motivators!

Having a date on the calendar commits you to get out the door on those days when you’d rather stay in bed. Plus, you can sign up for a race that supports a charity that is close to your heart.


Finishing a race gives you a great sense of accomplishment!

Crossing the finish line feels great!  And setting a goal and achieving it is very gratifying!


It’s FUN!

Races are fun, social, and exciting!  You can meet new people, see old friends, win prizes, pick up cool swag, and get food!


There are races to fit any ability

Races, like the racers who participate, come in all sizes – 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Marathon.  Some races are more competitive and others are just for fun.  Choose the race that fits YOU!


It feels great to try something new

Pushing yourself to try something new opens up doors to try other new things.  If you are in a rut trying something new and exciting may be just what you need to get you going!


Race tips for first time runners:

Don’t Overdress

Experts advise runners to dress as though it were 20 degrees warmer than the actual air temperature.   That’s how much you’ll warm up once you start running.


Pin Your Bib

Your race bib goes on the front of your shirt. Use safety pins on all four corners of the bib to keep it in place.


Get There Early

Runners should arrive at least one hour before start time.  You’ll need time to pick up your number, warm-up, stretch, and use the bathroom.


Warming up

Warming up is essential before every race. Walk/jog 20-25 minutes prior to the start.



AFTER your warm up, you should do some light stretching.


Starting Line Tips

Line up with runners of similar ability.  Don’t line up near the front if this is your first race. Some races have corrals based on your estimated pace.


Use the Water Stops

Keep yourself well hydrated. Take advantage of the water stations on the course.


After the race

Once you have crossed the finish line, do some light jogging/easy walking for 10-15 minutes. This helps keep the blood from pooling in the lower extremities while helping the body remove the built up lactic acid within the muscles. And follow with some light stretches.  Drink plenty of water now and continue to stay hydrated throughout the day.


What to bring to the race (most items can be left in your car or with your cheering section)

Your bib number (if picked up in advance)

4 Safety pins for your bib (usually included in your race packet with your bib number)



Lip balm




Change of clothing


Post-run snack




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