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by Gabriella Patel on March 14, 2013

Gardening is a terrific way to connect with your kids while learning how to grow healthy food!  It is not too early to start thinking about your garden this year.  You can start planting some spring seeds inside now to get a head start on the growing season.  Get your kids involved with these fun gardening projects they will love!


Fun Inside Kid Project

Place a few pea or bean seeds along with a slightly moistened cotton ball in a sandwich bag.  Tape the bag to the window for maximum sun and easy viewing.  You will see the seeds start to spout in a few days.  You can then transfer the seedlings to a container to keep inside until it is warm enough to transplant them outside.


Vegetable Teepee

You will need five 6-foot wooden stakes (or sturdy fallen tree branches), stick them a few inches into the ground, and tie the stakes together at the top to form a teepee.  Add a bit of new soil around each stake and have your kids press a few pole-bean or climbing pea seeds an inch or so into the ground (check the seed packet for planting directions).  Sprouts will wind their way up the stakes in a couple of weeks.


No Yard?

You can grow vegetable plants in a container on a porch or in the windowsill.  Purchase containers or reuse containers, such as milk cartons, plastic pails, or containers found in the recycling bin (poke holes in the bottom of your container for drainage).


DIY Chia Pet

You will need:


Grass Seed


Craft supplies to decorate your “pet”: googly eyes, pom poms, pipe cleaners, hot glue and glue gun

To begin, mix together soil and grass seeds according to the grass seed directions.  Cut the pantyhose into about 6 inch sections and tie one end before adding the soil.  Once you have filled the hose with the soil and seed mix, tie off the open end and shape into a ball.  Now you can decorate or embellish your pet anyway you like!

Once you’re done decorating, place your pet in a bowl and add water.  Add water daily and keep in a warm sunny spot for best results.  Your pet should start growing in about 7-10 days!


Sunflower House

This flower seed project is so fun for kids!  Plant rows of taller variety sunflower seeds so that they form a square or rectangle with an opening creating a fun outdoor room!


Choosing the right veggies to plant is important!  Here are some easy to grow plants for your kid-friendly garden:



Beans (both bush and pole varieties)


Snow peas

Sugar snap peas








Tips to Plant a Kid-Friendly Vegetable Garden

  • Choose vegetables the kids can pick right out of the garden and eat such as sugar peas, cherry or grape tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, etc.
  • Put the vegetable garden where they have access to it.  Keeping it close to their play area will keep them interested in the garden.  Keep the garden unfenced or if that is not possible install a kid-friendly gate they can use.
  • Have them help care for the garden with responsibilities based on their ability.  Have them take care of watering, weeding, and best of all picking and eating!
  • Let them have their own small garden.  If you do not want them getting into your garden space, give them their own small patch of dirt to work in.
  • Encourage kids to select vegetable varieties that can be picked continuously and don’t have poisonous leaves.
  • Nasturtiums and marigolds have bright flowers that can be eaten and will also help keep pests out of your vegetable garden.
  • Find some kid-sized garden tools and garden gloves.  Smaller handles and spades are easier for them to grip and use.


Your kids will be so excited to taste the vegetables they grew themselves!  So get started now and good luck with your garden this year!

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Gabriella Patel

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