Pre-Thanksgiving “Cleanse”

by Michelle on November 17, 2017

With Thanksgiving less than a week away, many wonder how to prevent the inevitable over-eating and subsequent guilt over a ruined diet.  There is really no way to avoid the overload unless you are VERY disciplined and just don’t eat too much to begin with, but there is a way to lessen the damage with a little bit of preparation.

Many advocate for a “cleanse” of various types to get rid of toxins in the body as a way of counteracting any damage done by eating poorly.  This is usually done AFTER a slip-up and with the aid of various products, but there is an easier way to deal with the holiday “stuff” that you can do BEFORE the big event.  This can help your intestines, liver, and kidneys all function better and keep things running smoothly.

Here are some suggestions to do a 3-4 day “Pre-Thanksgiving Cleanse” of your body by eating healthy and hopefully allowing you to enjoy the holiday while not having too much of a diet derailment:

Our diet is a good example of what to eat:

  1. Skip the calorie-laden and fatty beverages like alcohol, beer, soda, lattes, ciders, etc. and opt for water (still or sparkling), tea, and black coffee. Many wasted calories come from poor beverage choices.  Even “sugar free” options present a problem since artificial sweeteners can cause cravings for more sugar.
  2. Cook at home more and avoid eating out or picking up take-out. This way you have complete control over not only the foods you eat but also how they’re prepared.
  3. Avoid processed foods. The sodium content is usually very high leading to bloating and many times the fat content is high as well.
  4. Load up on fruits (apples, blueberries, strawberries), lean proteins (chicken, fish), and low starch vegetables since they’re nutrient dense and many are low in calories for the serving size. Watch out for the starchy ones (potatoes, corn, peas, beans, squash, etc.) and instead try low carb selections like various lettuces, spinach, cucumber, tomato, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, and green beans.
  5. Avoid most grains (especially white flour), pasta, and rice.
  6. Get a bit more exercise to burn through some stored fat and help your digestive system work more efficiently. This is a good idea in general and especially after eating a large meal.
  7. Try having some Warm Lemon Water first thing each morning (6-8 oz. warm water + juice ½ lemon) on an empty stomach. This gets the digestive system working well along with aiding the liver and kidneys in the detoxification process.



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