Prepare for the “New Year New You” frenzy!

by Michelle on December 15, 2017

Right about this time of the year many people are formulating their “post-holiday fitness plans” to get in shape after overindulging during the holidays.  That’s a great idea, but statistics prove that making a drastic change in your routine and trying to commit to a strict diet and exercise plan right after New Year’s Day nearly always leads to failure.  That’s why with a little bit of preparation, patience, and the right products you can be more successful in your efforts and the long-term effect is usually better.

We have several products for general dieting that can play a very helpful part in your plans.  With these products, proper diet, and exercise you can reach your goals quickly.

Garcinia Cambogia:  Helps to reduce appetite & increase metabolism and fat burning.

Green Coffee Bean Pure:  Aids in fat burning and removing excess fats from the body while providing some energy from the coffee bean’s caffeine content.

Raspberry Ketone:  Enhances energy & metabolism, promotes fat mobilization, and helps “shrink” fat cells.

Forskolin:  Helps suppress appetite, boosts metabolism, and aids in removing fats from the body.

Africa Mango 1200:  Controls appetite, reduces excess fat storage, and helps burn fat.

30 Day Diet/30 Night Diet:  These can be used alone or together for an “around the clock” weight loss program.  30 Day Diet provides appetite suppression, increased metabolism, and some energy during the day.  30 Night Diet does the same as the 30 Day Diet without the stimulants so it’s safe to take later in the evening.  Together these products make for a very supportive 24 hour dieting aid.

All of these products can be used with any diet program that is reduced calories, no sugars or carbohydrates, and very limited healthy fats.  They can even be used with several diet plans/programs like Weight Watchers, Atkins, Jenny Craig, etc. as long as you don’t eat more calories than you expend each day (which is the key to ANY weight loss program).  Please visit our website and click on the “Products” tab to read all about every one of our products, their intended uses, ingredients, and to see current pricing and the specials we have.




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