Quick Ways to Increase Your Energy

by Jackie on May 3, 2013

Feeling drained of energy and too tired to work out?  Exercise can give you a much needed natural burst of energy!  Plus, learn deep breathing and stretching exercises you can do now to immediately increase your energy. 

Some high-intensity workouts can leave you feeling depleted.  When exercising for energy, aim for exercises that have a low or moderate rate of energy exertion. This will give you energy instead of making you feel depleting or fatigued.  So if your energy level is on empty, get up, and get moving!


Take a Stroll

Studies show the number one way to increase energy levels is walking.  A 15-20 minute walk will pick you up without tiring you out.  Walk at a pace brisk enough to increase your heart and breathing rates.  Engage your core and breathe deeply while maintaining good posture as you walk.


Deep Breathing

Shallow breathing prevents the body from getting enough oxygen. Many people fail to breathe deeply when they feel tense, this is why you feel depleted at the end of a stress-filled day.

Breathing Exercise

Inhale quietly and slowly, allowing your abdomen to rise, to the count of 4, pause holding the air lightly to the count of 4, exhale slowly, allowing your abdomen to contract, to the count of 6. Repeat four times. The simple act of slow, deep breathing can be incredibly energizing.



Some yoga poses can help to reduce fatigue and adjust cortisol—too little of which can zap your energy.  These yoga poses will help your body feel strong and energized.

Warrior 3

Start in a standing position and raise both arms straight overhead.  Your palms should be facing each other. Move your left foot backward. Slightly lean forward, keeping your back straight and your arms stretched overhead. Lift your left foot and straighten your right leg simultaneously, keeping your arms parallel to the floor. At this point, your raised leg, upper body and arms should be parallel to the floor. Keep on breathing deeply through the belly and be careful not to bend your lower back. Hold this pose for 10 deep breaths. Repeat on the other side, and continue alternating until you have completed this pose three times on each side.


Start in a standing position.  Place your left foot on the inside part of your right leg, close to the groin area, with the toes pointing downward.  Stretch your arms out sideways to form a T, palms facing down.  Bring your palms together in prayer position. Raise your arms overhead, keeping your palms in prayer position. Breathe deeply through the belly for 10 deep breaths. Repeat on the other side, and continue alternating until you have completed this pose three times on each side.



Jumping rope is a great energy-generating exercise that will get your heart pumping.  It may not always be convenient to whip out a jump rope, but, you can jump up and down just about anywhere.  Try jumping thirty times or more and finish by standing for a moment with good posture and taking four slow abdominal breaths (see Breathing Exercises).


These exercises have helped me feel revitalized when I have been sitting at my desk for a long time and I am feeling tired.  I simply take a couple minutes to get up and move around and I feel much more productive and energized.  I hope you can use these tips to feel more energetic too!



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