Running Testimonial: Down 10.3 lb in 10 Days Diet Plan

by CB Blog Team on February 19, 2013


There is no doubt that 10.3 lbs in 10 days is a pretty fast and aggressive weigh loss amount for someone who is 181 lbs. This is especially true since I am not taking any supplements. However, I wouldn’t have it any other way. If I am going to put in the effort I want to get out as much as possible. In order for that to happen, I can’t cheat. Many people justify an extra apple here or just a couple bites of mashed potatoes there because they think they have the room. There is just no reason for this. This just sets up your mindset to slowly creep back into your old habits. If you are going to do a nutrition plan, you need to really do it. Keep this in mind: One extra Hershey Kiss per day is only 50 calories. If you do this every day, that equals an extra 5 lbs.

Because writing down my diet everyday can be tedious, here is the last 3 days. It is a pretty good indication of what I am doing every day. As I get lower and lower in weight, I expect my progress to slow down. Therefore I will adjust nutrition and exercise as I go and as needed.

Saturday 2/16

Wake up  9:15/ 9:30 balance bar 200 cal/ 11:30 egg sandwich 270 cal/ 2:00 apple + string cheese 200 cal/ 4:00 kashi granola bar +apple 240 cal/ 5:00 30 min walk/ 6:30 deli ham +graham crackers 300 cal/ 9:30 protein drink 100 cal/ bed 10:30

Sunday 2/17

Wake up  9:00/ 9:15 balance bar 200 cal/ 11:00 balance bar/ 1:00 tuna sandwich 300 cal/ 4:00 yogurt + graham crackers 300 cal/ 5:30 40 min walk/ 7:00 2 apples +string cheese / 10:00 balance bar/ 11:15 bed

Monday 2/18

Wake up 8:00/ 9:00 egg sandwich 270 cal + strawberries/ 12:00 yogurt + eas bar/ 2:45 2 kashi granola bar 280 cal/ 5:00 35 min walk/ 5:45 protein drink +graham crackers 310 cal/ 8:30 balance bar + yogurt/ 10:30 bed

I have had various diet sodas, jolly ranchers, and gum throughout.  I have accounted for them in my daily caloric goals. 

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