Save the Chocolate Bunny!

by Mel on March 29, 2013

Avoid the annual candy overdose this Easter!  Check out some healthier Easter treat alternatives.  Also, mix up the traditional Easter egg hunt with some fun new ideas.


Nighttime Egg Hunt

Arm your kids with flashlights and glow bracelets and necklaces and send them out to hunt for eggs in the dark.  Fill plastic eggs with lit glow sticks, cover eggs with glow-in-the-dark paint, or cover eggs with glow-in-the-dark stickers.


Treasure Egg Hunt

Make a treasure map then let the kids “hunt” for the Easter treasure.  Leave clues along the way from the Easter bunny (like filled plastic eggs, “bunny fur,” or bunny paw prints) to let them know they’re on the right trail.  When they reach the end of the hunt, they will find their treasure!


Colored Egg Hunt

To make sure each child gets the same number of eggs, assign them their own color.   Or let them find a certain amount of each color, i.e. find two red, orange, blue, and pink eggs.

For a larger group assign different age groups different colored eggs; hide the eggs for younger kids in closer areas with easier access.


Checklist Egg Hunt

Provide each child with a list of the type of eggs he or she must find.  As the child finds the items, they can check them off of their list.  When they finish they can try to find a limited number of golden eggs.

Here is a sample Easter egg checklist:

Find 3 yellow eggs

Find 3 green eggs

Find 1 blue egg

Find 2 pink eggs


Easter Basket Clue Game

Hide clues in the eggs that give hints that will lead the kids to their hidden Easter basket.


Easter Egg Puzzle

On a large sheet of paper, write a message to your child.  Cut up the paper to look like puzzle pieces and hide each puzzle piece in an egg.  Once they find all the pieces they can reassemble the puzzle to reveal your message!  For a group of kids assign each child a certain color of egg to find containing their own puzzle pieces.


Find Your Name

Write the kids names on the eggs.  The kids can only pick up the eggs with their name written on it.


Easter Tub

Place filled eggs in a plastic swimming pool hidden under Easter grass.  This is great for younger children that may have a difficult time exploring a large area.


Creative Easter Egg Fillers

This year take the candy out of Easter!   Fill eggs with fun surprises the children will love so much they won’t even miss the candy!

Money (gold and silver dollars are fun treasures)

Movie tickets


Gift cards


Coupons for fun family, or individual outings like movies, bowling, mini golf, etc.

Bunny Money that kids can redeem at the “Easter store” for items like bubbles, crayons, art supplies, balls, stuffed animals, DVDs, small toys, etc.

Break apart a Lego set and put pieces in each egg.  When all eggs are collected they have the complete Lego set.  Break apart multiple Lego sets but be sure to color code the eggs to match the sets.

Easter stamps


Shiny rocks or crystals

Hair clips, bows, or barrettes


Hot Wheels Cars


Egg-shaped chalk

Make up

Nail polish

Small plastic animals



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