What is a “Self-Guided Diet”?

by Michelle on April 12, 2018

There are so many different types of diets out there it can be overwhelming deciding which one is the best fit for you.  With protocols ranging from plans where you purchase special foods or “meals” to plans consisting of a points system for foods and even no real plan at all just “eat healthy”, the options can be confusing at best and provide no weight loss at least.  Hopefully this explanation of our “Self-Guided Diet” will give you a better option than the others out there.

The diet we have is one where YOU choose what to eat (within reason and from a list of allowed healthy foods), what portion sizes you’ll have (based on the total number of calories you are doing on the diet), and how long you wish to do the diet.  By outlining the best foods to eat in specific portions with the calories for those portions you can easily adjust things to suit your requirements. If you are taking our liquid diet products then the diet is a requirement to see the best weight loss and should be followed as outlined.  However, if you are using any of our capsule products (or even using the drops if you wish to) you can choose to follow our diet or one of your own as long as it’s reduced calories, omits carbohydrates (starches) and sugars, and only utilizes minimal healthy fats (olive oil, coconut oil, avocados, minimal nuts, etc.).  


Exercise is another area where a self-guided diet works well…you again choose if you want to exercise, how often, and at what intensity.  The easily adjustable diet allows you to decide how many calories you wish to eat and if exercise is right for you or not; understanding that exercise requires more calories and fewer calories are required for little or no exercise.  Either way, our diet is outlined to help you understand how to properly eat the right portions, account for the calories in those portions, and start to see how to manage your weight after your dieting journey is over. While our diet has limited foods, they are what have been determined to provide the best weight loss on the drops and it works quite well.  The diet is also beneficial for use with the capsule products but it’s not required as they are more “forgiving” in providing weight loss if you choose to use another diet protocol.


We even offer an additional step to our diet called Phase 3 – Stabilization where you begin slowly adding new foods (no carbs or sugars and only minimal, healthy fats) to “stabilize” your results as well as to allow you to balance food and activity to keep the weight off.  This is an important learning phase of our self-guided diet that shows you what foods your body does well with and what should be limited and/or avoided to maintain your results. This “learning phase” is as important as the diet phase in that you garner a better understanding of your body’s physiology, metabolism, and reactions to various food items along with understanding what amount of activity and food balancing you should be doing.


Our “self-guided diet” is the best way we know of to not only achieve weight loss but to give you the knowledge and confidence going forward to keep the weight off.  Even if you do happen to gain some it back you have the tools and process to lose it again. You can review the diet, foods, and information at this link: https://www.creativebioscience.com/diet-protocols




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