Six Super Foods To Add To Your Diet For Belly Fat Loss

by Gabriella Patel on July 31, 2012

Belly fat can be a stubborn substance. Whether you are fighting post child-bearing belly fat or a beer belly you gained through the college years, it can seem impossible to get rid of that extra bit around the middle. As we age, belly fat becomes harder to lose, especially for women. Although there is not a one size fits all best diet for belly fat loss, there are some things you can incorporate into your diet in order to maximize weight loss around the middle. The following six super foods are great ways to drop pounds and keep them off without starving yourself.


For years, those who were shedding pounds steered clear of high-fat nuts. However, snacking on protein items like almonds is a great way to keep yourself from snacking on high fat content like chips or sweets. A few nuts go a long way and the fact that they contain a lot of vitamins and minerals means your body can actually use the snack for quality fuel. This is not so true with a bag of greasy corn chips. Studies have shown that those who snack on a handful of nuts feel fuller than those who snack on traditional diet food, and they normally eat less throughout the day.


Berries are a fun, sweet snack that can also be used as a topping on dry cereals or oatmeal. You can even throw berries in a blender with low fat yogurt for a smoothie. Gram for gram, berries pack a powerful fiber punch, offering a great way to regulate digestion. Replacing cookies or candy bars with a handful of berries in your diet for belly fat loss is a great way to reduce calorie counts and make a healthy eating choice.


A phenomenal food in a best diet for belly fat loss is the simple egg. Eggs are high in vitamin B12, which helps the body metabolize fat. Eggs are also high in protein and will keep you full longer than a breakfast based solely on grains. Try eating a boiled egg for breakfast every day. A key with incorporating eggs into diets for belly fat loss is not to bring along traditional friends of the egg like bacon or hash browns. These high-fat, greasy counterparts are not good for dropping inches around the middle.

Lean Meat

Protein is always a way to go when you are trying to burn off fat. It takes more energy to digest protein and lean meats are less likely to be turned into fat stores in the body. Turkey is one of the leanest meats available, especially if you opt for white portions. However, for the optimal lean protein, try supplementing your diet for belly fat loss with omega-3 rich fish like salmon or tuna. The best diet for belly fat loss will incorporate fish at least twice a week.

Green Vegetables

Anytime you start talking about best diets, chances are green veggies are going to come up in the mix. These high-vitamin foods offer a variety of health benefits, including disease and cancer fighting minerals. However, you have to be careful when incorporating things like lettuce into your diet. Not all greens are created equal, and items like iceberg lettuce have absolutely no nutritional value. Super greens like spinach, kale, and broccoli are loaded with nutritional goodies. As an added bonus, these foods all contain high levels of fiber and a low calorie count, making them a great food for belly fat loss.

Green Tea

Green tea is infused with anti-oxidants and other items that provide a powerful boost to metabolism. Studies have shown that individuals who drink green tea on a regular basis burn over 200 more calories a day than their counterparts. The trick with incorporating green tea into diets for belly fat loss is opting for homemade steeped tea over bottled varieties. Most of the time, bottled tea has been over processed and you no longer get the beneficial vitamins and minerals. You can brew your own tea at home and pour it over ice. For maximum benefit, avoid adding high-calorie sugar or artificial sweeteners that dampen the impact of the tea. If you need to sweeten the tea, consider adding all-natural honey or agave.

Obviously, you cannot eat an entire diet comprised of the six foods above. You can, however, incorporate these super foods into your best diet for belly fat loss on a regular basis. Other foods with high protein and vitamin counts that are also good for encouraging weight loss include beans, oatmeal, quinoa, and low fat milk and dairy products. The key is to avoid adding processed sugars where possible and making consistent healthy choices for each meal. For example, have a kale and spinach salad before eating pizza and you will be full after one or two slices. This reduces the calorie intake, which is always good for your waist line.

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