Sleep…Quantity or Quality?

by Michelle on January 9, 2019

These days a good night’s sleep is a rare thing.  With hectic schedules, screens in your face most of the day, and poor diets we all seem to be ignoring the importance of proper rest.  The body benefits from sleep in many ways:

Stress Reduction                     Memory Improvement                        Lowered Blood Pressure

Improved Mood                      Weight Maintenance                            Improved Immune System

Heart Health                            Better Mental Function                       Reduced Diabetes Risk

When people think about sleep, however, they often only focus on their time spent asleep and not the actual quality or “restfulness” of that time.  The average adult needs about 8 hours of sleep nightly while the average child needs more like 9-10 hours (more for preschoolers).  However, when it comes to good sleep habits we all could use some improvement.  Here are some suggestions for fostering a good night’s sleep:

Allow enough time for sleep:  review your schedule and go to bed early enough to get your time in

Have consistent bed time habits:  develop a routine and stick to it each night to signal your brain that it’s time to sleep

Create a comfortable sleep environment:  cool is key for where you sleep as well as a quiet and comfortable location; choose a comfortable mattress, pillows, and bedding as well

Turn off all electronics:  TV, phone, tablet, etc…all contribute to a more active brain that will disrupt sleep.  Even a light on in the room (no matter how dim) can inhibit quality sleep

Utilize sleep technology:  there are several white noise machines out there that can help you fall asleep, and even your phone can be used for this (away from you on the nightstand, of course)

 All of these techniques work wonders to help you develop better sleep habits and get the rest you need.  There is also the option of taking a mild sleep aid as well, but be careful with those that are too strong…they can make it difficult to fully wake up in the morning and might even be habit-forming. 

We have a great product that not only provides great gentle sleep but also some weight loss and management qualities…30 Night Diet.  This product contains 50mg of 5-HTP to help you relax and fall asleep (5-HTP helps boost serotonin levels which regulate mood, appetite, sleep, and other body functions).  Along with other natural ingredients our 30 Night Diet can help you in many areas including a good night’s sleep without dependency.

The benefits of restful sleep are plentiful as is the research to support its necessity.  However you choose to strive for improvement in this important area you will only benefit from it.  Our 30 Night Diet is a gentle yet effective way to help you start to improve this important lifestyle element.




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