Snacks You Should Avoid Giving Your Kids

by Gabriella Patel on October 6, 2015

Few parents set out to feed their kids unhealthy foods, but many of the foods parents toss in their carts should be left on the grocery store shelves! Busy schedules and the low cost of convenience foods all contribute to unhealthy eating patterns.


Skip the SodaHere is a list of some of the foods you should NOT be feeding you kids:


Kid’s Yogurt

Make sure to read the labels of the yogurt in plastic tubes, many are filled with high fructose corn syrup, sugar, artificial flavors and colors.



Cookies made with hydrogenated vegetable oil and shortening, contain some of the unhealthiest ingredients found in packaged food, not to mention they are loaded with sugar and trans fats.



Even children who eat healthy meals can spoil a day’s nutrition with one 12-ounce serving of a sugary soda which contains as many as 150 calories. Sugar-filled sodas are among the main causes of childhood obesity in the United States.


“Fruit” Juice

Kids are better off drinking water or low-fat milk. Many juices that claim to be fruit juice are little more than sweetened water, enhanced with extra vitamins.


Potato Chips

It is easy to eat a large quantity of potato chips. And salty potato chips are filled with fats and oils and provide more salt in one serving than kids should ingest in an entire day!


Chicken Nuggets

Believed to be a healthier snack, chicken nuggets are one of the worst snack foods. Chicken nuggets are made with hydrogenated oils, these trans fats contribute to obesity, heart disease, and cancer.



Candy primarily consists of fat and sugar and is a common daily snack for kids in many households.


Baked Goods

Pastries, muffins, and donuts are all full of fats, sugars, and refined white flour. These ingredients contribute to the childhood obesity problem.


Ice Cream

Whole milk ice cream is full of fat and refined sugars. Ice cream and other frozen desserts add an enormous amount of calories to a child’s diet, and very few nutrients.



Sugary cereals are loaded with refined carbohydrates and sugar. Many cereals for children contain as much as 65 percent more sugar than adult cereals.


Instant Oatmeal

You already know that many kids’ cereals are loaded with sugar, but packages of instant oatmeal are no exception. Be sure to check the labels and if sugar or sugar substitutes are high on the list of ingredients, look for a healthier option.


Breakfast Bars

Cereal bars, granola bars, and breakfast bars primary ingredient is usually refined flour (even enriched). Sugar is often second or third. Not only does that make this a fattening meal, but these empty calories will leave your kids feeling hungry in about an hour.



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