Staying Toned in the Winter

by Jackie on December 8, 2016

If you’re trying to improve your endurance, tone up, build muscle, or your goal is simply to get back into shape for better health, there’s no doubt that a good exercise routine is going to be essential. Of course, there are many different types of exercises you can do and each is designed to bring different results.

You can choose exercises that target a certain part of the body or you can work on aerobic exercises for a stronger heart. However, if your goal is to get a great 6 pack, you’re going to need to dedicate a good part of your workout routine to effective ab workouts.

Of course, even as you do ab workouts, you’ll also want to include exercises for endurance and cardio. For example, you can combine mountain climbers with time on the treadmill for a more balanced workout. No matter what your overall fitness goal is, sticking to your workout routine and incorporating changes from time-to-time can be an excellent way to reach your goals as quickly as possible.



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I'm a fitness nut. I know what you're thinking, one of these people who has never been fat a day in her life, and can eat whatever she wants. The truth is I struggled with my weight growing up and lived in a household where everything seemed to be fried. Once I got away from home I realized I had the choice to eat and exercise how I wanted. I've gained a lot of insight into working as a personal trainer, and feel I can relate to others that were in my situation. I think if I can do it then you can to, and if you want to start kicking butt then hop on board and lets get started.

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