Super Quick, Easy Fitness Moves

by Lauryn on October 19, 2012

Hey guys! I am here to show you super easy fitness moves that you can do at home. No excuses!! My trainer, Chris stole my heart when he mentioned he had memorized the Victoria’s Secret model’s diet & pre-fashion show workouts. Chris is not about bulk, but rather lengthening and leaning the muscles. Each one of the girls in my workout group has experienced weight loss since we began training with him. Check this out…so EASY! Get at it! Better sore than sorry!!


Quick, Easy Workouts [ Beach Optional ]

1.) Arms with Resistance Bands: Use a resistance band to make this difficult. Place the band under both feet and pull up to 90 degrees bending in the arms. Take it out of neck and shoulders and only use the arms. Pull the core in. Do 20 reps, 3 sets [60 total ].

2.) Leg-Ups: Lay on the ground, hand behind the head, elbows wide. Extend your right leg, thrust your pelvis in the air as the leg moves up and down. Pull the core in while doing this. Do 40 reps [ 20 on each leg ], 3 sets  [ 60 total ].

3.) Arm Dips: Come on to an elevated surface. Extend your legs straight [ bending them is easier ]. Come on to your heels. All pressure is in the palm of the hand. Bend your elbows to ninety degrees as you press up & down. Try 20 reps, 3 sets  [ 60 total ].

4.) Frog Jumps: Jump up hill, squatting each time you land. Use your arms to get high in the arm. When you squat make sure it’s deep and try not to stop throughout the entire forty. Do 40 reps, 3 sets  [ 60 total ].

5.) Knee In’s: Bend your knees. Pull your knees in the chest and then tap down on the ground. Do 20 reps, 3 set [ 60 total ].

{ Photo Credit: Chris Law & Paul DeFrancesco }

– Lauryn Evarts



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Lauryn is a blogger, fitness instructor and model. Her blog, The Skinny Confidential, is all about having your cake and eating it too. She does not believe in diets- only recipe modifications, accessible fitness tips and healthy weight-loss tricks.



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