Teas That Promote Weight Loss

by Lauryn on December 18, 2012

After reading an article on tea in SELF magazine, I had to share my discoveries. My nightly cup of tea is exceedingly special after a day full errands, work & fitness. Tea is such an amazing alternative to coffee & usually brews up plenty of benefits.  My obsession? Green Tea Tropical by Mighty Leaf. Any other suggestions are welcome!

  + Black Tea: Known to provide slimming effects. Prevents body from absorbing fat from food. Drink it plain with no milk to gain the benefits.

+ Chamomile Tea: This acts as an antihistamine & calms allergies.

+ Green Tea: May help protect against skin cancer. Contains plenty of antioxidants too.

+ Peppermint Tea: Pumps up work-outs. This also works for upset stomaches

+ Rooibus Tea:  Lowers cholesterol.

+ Sleepytime Tea [ option: w/ or w/o throat tamer ]: Helps soothe the body and promotes relaxation.



– Lauryn Evarts



Contributor at The Skinny Confidential
Lauryn is a blogger, fitness instructor and model. Her blog, The Skinny Confidential, is all about having your cake and eating it too. She does not believe in diets- only recipe modifications, accessible fitness tips and healthy weight-loss tricks.



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