Thanksgiving food “swaps” that still taste good!

by Michelle on November 20, 2017

What holiday doesn’t involve food?  Well, this Thursday is a MAJOR food holiday and with it the potential to really undo any healthy eating plan you’ve diligently devoted yourself to.  There are, however, some simple “swaps” for the common dishes of the Thanksgiving meal that aren’t too difficult to make and still taste delicious.  With a little bit of preparation and some creativity you can lessen the fat and calories you consume and still enjoy all the flavor and variety.

Here are some simple trade-offs to aid in the swap:

Swap This…                                                    For This…

Dark Meat Turkey (fried w/skin)                    White Meat Turkey (baked, skinless)

Traditional Cornbread Stuffing                       Seasoned Bread Stuffing (w/lighter bread & broth)

Sweet Potatoes (w/marshmallows)                Baked Sweet Potatoes (w/pecans)

Green Bean Casserole (w/cream soup)         Sautéed Green Beans (w/fried onions)

Mashed Potatoes (w/heavy dairy)                  “Light” Mash Potatoes (w/lt. dairy & Greek yogurt)

Pre-Made Cranberry Sauce (canned, etc.)     Fresh Cranberry Sauce (w/O.J., zest & min. sugar)

White Dinner Rolls                                          Whole-Wheat Rolls (or rye bread)

Pecan Pie (w/whipped cream)                       Pumpkin Pie (very minimal/no whipped cream)

Wine (red, white, blush, etc.)                         Wine Spritzer (make 1/3 of the glass club soda)

Eggnog (even “light” varieties)                     Cider (seasoned apple juice…beware of sugars)

These are just a few suggestions to help you keep with your commitment to healthy eating and not overloading unnecessarily.  You can always just have different food selections all together (Brussels sprouts for green beans, mashed cauliflower for potatoes, no stuffing, no rolls, no dessert, water only, etc.) but if you don’t wish to go that extreme I hope the above list helps make things a bit healthier.

As always, portion control is crucial and drinking plenty of water can help with overeating.  Remember to not drink too many calories (soda, juice, or alcohol) and be aware of any appetizers (chips, dips, finger foods, etc.) that add to the calorie count.  Also, watch out for sauces, toppings, and gravies that can easily derail your best efforts in other areas.

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