The Benefits Of Adding Squats To Your Workout

by Jackie on April 7, 2017

Squats are a great way to exercise your legs, your buttocks and your core. They are easy to do: you will not need any equipment and you can do them anywhere and any time you want to work out. Squatting is a targeted workout for the legs, but it is good for your overall fitness too.

Squatting builds up strength in all your leg muscles: hamstrings, calf muscles and quadriceps. Squats improve your overall lower body strength and can also build up muscle mass and strength in other parts of the body. Strong leg muscles are important for balance and stability especially as we grow older and lose some balance, strength and bone density. Squatting also improves your core strength and tones your stomach muscles.

It is sometimes said that squatting exercises are bad for the knees, but if they are performed properly, they will strengthen the legs and can even help knee stability. Watch a few videos on how to squat safely or ask a personal trainer at the gym to show you how to do these exercises safely for your level of fitness and mobility.



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