The Benefits Of Massage: The Lymphatic System

by Jackie on October 27, 2017

One of the many benefits of massage is that it stimulates the lymphatic system. This system is a network of vessels that carry lymph, fluid that contains toxins, waste products, bacteria and viruses that are removed from the body’s tissues. This waste is carried into the lymph nodes where it is filtered and cleaned. The system is also responsible for removing excess fluids from the tissues, and it plays an important role in immunity because it contains lymphocytes, white blood cells that fight viruses and bacteria.

A well functioning lymphatic system means good general health and good immunity against illnesses. Signs that the system is not functioning well include fluid retention, sluggishness and frequent colds and other infections.

Most types of massage boost lymph flow and help to remove excess fluids and toxins from the cells. A special form of massage called manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) focuses specifically on the lymphatic system. If you experience fluid retention, puffiness around the eyes, swelling around the joints or even sinus congestion due to a cold, a manual lymphatic drainage massage can help.



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